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8th May 2003, 00:55
If Chris@Crystal could tell us if the game will be like Soul Reaver (1or 2) in that they just need one load each time you play.
Or it will be like Bo2?

My question comes because i read that the game has chapters. That woke up my curiosity about it.

I you can`t answer that, is Ok with me. I understand the big responsability you have.

8th May 2003, 01:06
It's explained here:


8th May 2003, 04:00
Thanks for the help!

I know that you know a lot about computers and all that so,
can the PS2 or Xbox support pixel shaders?

Because with that technology CD could put raziel`s eyes to really glow as they`re supposed to be.

8th May 2003, 06:19
I'm pretty sure they both can. That would definitely be a cool effect.

8th May 2003, 19:47
Hey yeah. :)

They should leave trails just like the Sluaghs' eyes did in SR2.

- licks an envelope and sends his request to CD -


- Matthew