View Full Version : Dance Raider 4 remixed

Marcus T
7th May 2003, 00:00
Ash Foster, of www.sona-sound.com (http://www.sona-sound.com) lies behind a remixed version of Dance Raider 4.
The remixed edition, will be released on May 9th.


7th May 2003, 21:25
Marcus, I have heard your music and I'm sure that this one is going to rock!! I know it won't be yours, but you are involed and this counts!!:D

Marcus T
9th May 2003, 01:09
Well, the only involvement of mine is that I allowed Ash to take a crack at it and use my voice samples, the rest is Ash's work. ;) But thanks for the comments :)

9th May 2003, 01:49
and here's another link (http://www.besonic.com/Sona-sound) - click 'get it!' and follow the instructions ;)