View Full Version : 2012 Members Rewards Tiers Announced

17th Apr 2013, 20:24
As the deadline for the 2012 Members Rewards approaches, we wanted to officially announce the Tiers that our Members will need to hit to receive your well deserved prizes.

Ultimate 1000 pts

Gold 750 pts

Silver 500 pts

Look familiar? They should be since they're the same as last years. For those of you who've reached the tiers, congratulations! For those of you who are getting close, you still have 2 more days until our April 19th deadline!

18th Apr 2013, 01:15
please tell me that your kidding please tell me that ultimate is 850

18th Apr 2013, 07:13
Looks like everything worked out for you somehow, xzero1299-PR. ^_-

18th Apr 2013, 10:07
oh man... It looks like I'll have to buy games for systems I don't have if I want to reach Gold. I really want that backpack! You guys have the coolest rewards, and I MUST HAVE THEM! :D

19th Apr 2013, 01:04
Even if I go out and buy the games that I am missing, dropping over $200 in a single night, I wont reach ultimate tier to get the art that I'm after. There just aren't enough games to cover the point gap, not to mention I can not in any way justify paying THAT much money in one day on games. I'm just going to turn to second hand sources to get the art. It will be a lot cheaper in the long run, and though it pains me to say that because I really have been a long time Square Enix fan, I feel that this system is broken in some areas. If they keep the tiers the same, eventually it will be impossible to reach the top tier because people will have run out of older games to fall back on :/ I do give my congratz to all those who managed to get the Ultimate Tier. Your victory was well earned :)

19th Apr 2013, 22:04
OMG, I made it to Ultimate! I'm so excited for the rewards! Thanks Square-Enix for such amazing rewards!!!!

23rd Aug 2013, 23:52

24th Aug 2013, 00:50
I hope it works thanks