View Full Version : NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I Nearly got a platinum on Top Shot!!!!!!

2nd May 2003, 18:45
ARRRRRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I can't belive it... :( :mad: :(

Yestarday, I played Top Shot for about 5 hours, and all the time, I was getting a time of like 1:20.0 to 1:25.0, untill one lucky run in which everything was going great! Anyway, I was doing really well, untill I ran out of minigun ammo! There were only TWO enemies left, with one life each! (one was next to me, and the other wasn't too far off) The timer was around 55 seconds, giving me 15 whole seconds to kill off the last two! That was more than enough time to kill em' but I didn't have any minigun ammo left! I quickly switched to my AK, and killed of the guy next to me, and did a MAD DASH to the last guy, (he was in the hangar) Anyway, as I got him in my site I took a quick look at the timer, it was around 1:04:0, six seconds left! So I started shooting at him, but he started to back away! Since the hangar area is so huge, the AK sucks cause' the accuracy is so bad! He was to far away for me to chuck a "one-hit-kill" granade, so the only thing I could do was run towards him whilst shooting! NEARLY EVERY SHOT MISSED!! When I finnally killed him, I closed my eyes.... I wasn't sure if I was fast enough.... I slowly opened my eyes and looked at my time....

<font size="+3">1:10.9!!!</font>


I nearly cried.... I didn't know what to do... All I said was "God didn't intend me to have it yet" that was all I could say to comfort myself at the time... I have been trying to get that platinum for MONTHS!!! I have been playing for about 5 hours just on Top Shot, every day! And yestarday came my chance to end it all... my chance to get the platinum... my chance to beat the hadest stage in the game... and I failed. All because I was 10 bullets short!! Can you belive it? Now im gonna have to go and play for AGES just to get another chance!

As one of the yonger players in this forum (16 years old), I never really knew what it felt like to come SOOOOO close to getting something you have worked so hard for... and failing! Yes, it has happened to me on other games in the past, but NEVER like this... There goes 5 hours of my life I'll never see again! :( :mad: :(

Anyway, I wish you all luck on getting your platinum on Top Shot (Belive me! As I have just learned, you are gonna need TONS of luck!) See you later.... (man, I feel so upset....)

6 Gold
60 Platinum
- 97.6% Complete!
Arcade awards: 25
Top Shot best: 1:10.9

3rd May 2003, 14:17
I feel for you man! I had similar things happen to me when I tried for all the cheats in Perfect Dark.

Honestly, I might break something if the same thing happened to me now. That's why I haven't tried for the plat in Top Shot.

... but you're so close. Maybe take a break for a week then try again. When it happens, it'll probably come fast and "easy".

3rd May 2003, 19:31
Yeah, I will take a break from Top Shot... but not from TS2!! My whole life is TS2, playing it is the FIRST thing I do in the morning! So, I think I'll spend my time trying to complete Robot Factory on Hard. I NEARLY got it the other day... I killed the boss, picked up the crystal and JUST as I was about to walk into the portal, I got killed!! :mad: :mad: :mad: It's SOOOOOO frustrating since Robot Factory is the hardest level in the game.

By the way, did you ever get all the cheats in PD? I don't mean to gloat, but I got them all after MONTHS of playing it!! :D :D :D My favorite cheats were "Infinate ammo, no reloads" and "Rocket Launcher" and "Invincibility" combined! Now go to any level, equip the Rocket Launcher and start blasting up the whole place!! It's really fun... Try it!!

5 Gold
61 Platinum
- 97.6% Complete!
Arcade awards: 25
Top Shot best: 1:10.9

3rd May 2003, 19:47
That must suck. :(

3rd May 2003, 20:52
Originally posted by RedXevious
By the way, did you ever get all the cheats in PD? Yeah, I got 'em. Funny though, I did all that work to get them ... but I don't think I ever used them. Anyway my brother has the N64 now so I don't play it anymore.

I have also been putting loads of time into TS2, but mostly in the mapmaker and multiplayer. I may yet have a go at those last few plats.

4th May 2003, 02:57
Hmm...play it first thing in the morning? I don't know, I'm pretty impatient in the morning, and I could tear my PS2 apart, piece by piece, menacingly, evilly, because the loading will take too long. That's why I eat breakfast first.

Anyway, I'm nowhere near getting Topshot in Platinum (a very sickening 3 minutes and some seconds). I've only got a few platinums (I'm not a hardcore, burn-the-disk up, sleep-with-the-manual, blame-the-console-for-the-bugs, buy-a-new-controller-every-week-because-you-break-one-every-week-because-of-playing-so-much, smacking-all-nighter-playing-TS2 kind of gamer, when it comes to TS2 [I'm not saying that' what you are, RedXevious, unless you'd feel respected if I did so]. I play TS2 for fun, and MAINLY for fun. Getting platinums is fun, but waaay too frustrating, as I"m sure you know, RedXevious), up to Notre Dame on Hard, and have one more challenge in Elite League to do. I'll probably come around getting Top Shot sometime in July through August, or maybe when TS3 is officially announced.

Anyway, chill, shoot monkeys, make a map, eat some Apple Jacks, fry some bacon, whatever. At least, for now (heheheheheh...)

Ooo, that gets me hungry...It's 11:00 P.M. here in WV right now...ah, it only takes 15 minutes...yum...:D

24th May 2003, 19:20
my best time on top shot is 1 min 12.4 secs still pretty close. no offense but surely you could have aimed and killed the last guy in 6 seconds even though he was far away. oh well better luck next time. on perfect dark i finished the whole game on perfect agent ( except the special elvis mission and war they are too hard.) i got most of the cheats, but i haven't played on my n64 for ages, probably get them now after all my playing on TS2