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1st May 2003, 00:06
My mom says we're planning to go to London in July!

:D :D :D

My parents are from Asia, and we live in America. Watch out, Europe, here we come!

This will be so sweet! Watch out for my accent, Brits! HAHAHA

:D :D :D

1st May 2003, 03:47
Hehheh... I just came with a weird idea!

Timesplitters convention!

Share your maps in some ones garage!

1st May 2003, 09:33
Thats not a weird idea! thats a great idea.

We could all go to someone's and hold a huge multiplayer tourny :D

I wouldn't mind people using my place. Its small but I have 2 TVs and all the consoles :rolleyes:

Ab ^_^

My mom says we're planning to go to London in July!

Cool I'm in London :D

Century Bot
1st May 2003, 09:40
I'm in London too!

1st May 2003, 12:51
Well I'm in Nottingham and if it was organised I'd come

1st May 2003, 17:41
Anytime in May, par chance?

Am off on holiday in 13 days! :D
Could be cool to have some faces to go with the wit.


1st May 2003, 17:57
I'm gonna have a look and see if its possible to hire a place and rent some TV's for the day but we'd need people to bring along a few ps2's (I'm GC cant link up and more people have it on ps2 than on xbox), multitap etc etc since I only have 1 ps2 :p

Ab ^_^

1st May 2003, 18:58
Speaking of linking up, can the Xbox versions or GameCube versions link up? I know it's possible for Xbox, but what about GameCube?

London. Ah, London. United Kingdom. Ah. The home of many great people, places, things, and most of all, game companies.

2nd May 2003, 04:13
Whoa! I thought of a great idea!

The Gamecube version can't link up.

Hmmm.... you could always just bring your consoles anyway and show your maps off!

Awww.....I wish I could come but I would have to spend alot of money and I'm not going on my own.

You could always take pictures there!!!1

Well if you really do this ts2 thing, you should make the post sticky(is making a post sticky making it so it stays on top of the other threads?) so you can attract more ppl.

2nd May 2003, 08:59
I think I could bring a multitap and TS2 but the other thing is to link the PS2s up you would need at least 4 i-link cables of the right type, 4 pins to 6 pins (£10 each) and a i-link hub (up to £100). Normal i-link cables are easy to get (4 pin to 4 pin) but I have never come across a 4 to 6 pins cable or a hub apart from on the net.:confused:

Anyhows it would be great if it could happen.

Slicer :p

2nd May 2003, 10:04
I'm sure someone out there owns them :p

Ab ^_^

3rd May 2003, 23:38
Hey can an xbox be linked by using a normal network cable and pc network hub?

4th May 2003, 11:12
LAN cables can be used cant they?

4th May 2003, 13:04
If you all have standard Ethernet adapters, I don't see why you can't use standard Cat 5 UTP cable...
That cable isn't that expensive anyway, so you can afford some trial and error..

Good luck, peeps!