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30th Apr 2003, 10:53
If you catch fire in Notre Dame, you can't put it out. Well in the cellar room, I was thinking about the bottles of wine. So I purposly caught on fire and tried leaking the wine from the bottles. It just didn't seem to work. The wine didn't put out the fire...so I died :cool:

Does it work or was that a good idea gone to waste?

*Is that wine or am I wrong?

30th Apr 2003, 11:08
Isnt wine flammable? :confused:

Ab ^_^

Century Bot
30th Apr 2003, 11:19
I think Alcoholic drinks need to be at least 40% abv to be flammable. Therefor wine is not flammable but sambuca and brandy are!

30th Apr 2003, 12:44
Actually certain alcoholic drinks are inflammable...

Because it's the vapours that burn.

Hoorah for pedantry! :D
And no - wine isn't flammable/inflammable. So it should put you out. But it doesn't. so there.

MapMaker Monkey
30th Apr 2003, 14:49
My sister's hair went on fire once when she was standing too close to a candle. So everybody threw their drinks over her and it put her head out. We were drinking a mix of various alcoholic and soft drinks (I was having a coconut milk).

Hope this information contributes in some small way. :)


30th Apr 2003, 16:59
Hoorah - the monkey has spoken!

Drinks drunk from hollowed out cocunuts and pineapples rule. Even if it's minus ten.

30th Apr 2003, 18:49
I thought MMM left :confused:

30th Apr 2003, 21:00
Good thing your drink mix wasnt flammable :eek:

BTW nice to hear from ya again ^_^

I thought MMM left

He left as a Mod but doesnt mean he cant post ^_^

2nd May 2003, 15:38
This has gone from TS2 to burning alcoholic drinks in 7 posts.