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29th Apr 2003, 22:39
Sorry in advance if it's inappropriate to post info on another company's game to this forum.

If you enjoyed making maps for TS2, you might enjoy the options we'll have for Counter-Strike when it ships this fall for Xbox. It will include utilities for user-created maps, mods, characters, weapons, etc. Team Xbox (http://www.teamxbox.com/content.php?id=476) has the info:

"...Microsoft, Valve and Ritual Entertainment will offer tools for you to create new mods for Counter-Strike and design new maps, weapons and characters models. Once you complete the project, you’ll be able to submit it to Valve, who will test the project following strict procedures and release them as downloadable content through Xbox Live."

We need more console games with map-making utilities. Building levels is TOO MUCH FUN

30th Apr 2003, 04:59
This has heaps to do with TS2!:rolleyes:

30th Apr 2003, 14:07
Most of us play other games besides TS2. And I thought readers of the TS2 Map Maker forum (where this was originally posted before being moved) would be interested, since map/mod utilities are so rare for console games.

I guess not :confused:

1st May 2003, 03:49
This topic should be moved to the community forums then.
The xbox always has all the good online games!!1

Money always comes first rather than what the gamers want.....

1st May 2003, 19:05
Basically, Xbox is Microsoft, right? And Microsoft is more PC based, right? And online games are usually on the PC, right? So online games trust Microsoft more, right?

Yeah. I'm right. Or not.

1st May 2003, 19:10
Oh yeah, I forgot to say that I know how you feel, man. I've got a PS2, but I've got a PC, but my mom won't let me play online violence games because "I can't control the people you're playing with" and "I don't know the people you're playing with" .

And making maps and stuff on the PC is too hard. I don't know how to find the right programs and things.

About my CS, NS, DoD, etc. restrictions, I just wanted to say I've gone mad since she restricted me and my two brothers. I've had to find my online gaming experiences with other things, like returning to this forum, or beating both my brothers on CS LAN, which is too easy, or driving mad in the streets of Vice City with my legally (and without cheating) obtained war tank and using my cannon as a booster and letting the other tanks chase me.

1st May 2003, 19:12
Oh yeah, PS2 already has Half-Life...waste of money, in my opinion, and my little brother got it (you can get Half-Life, Opposing Force, Blue Shift, Counter Strike, and Team Fortress Classic in the Adrenaline pack for what, 60 or 70 dollars? Half-Life for the PS2 was 50 dollars).