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28th Apr 2003, 18:35
I know I've been asking for a lot lately in the way of screenshots, site addresses etc and I'm sorry to keep bugging you all, but I'd really appreciate it if anyone knows where I can obtain the end sequence of SR2 just for my small presentation at school? I am failing at finding it.

I assure you I would not copy it, give it away or sell it, but merely borrow it for this presentation and give it right back.

Please? I'll fail if I cannot find a video clip to enter as this is my practical assessment and I've done so much for it already (reading and recording the quotes myself, finding and putting in pictures, scanning my own drawings, doing the full history of Nosgoth etc) that it's gonna kill me if I fail now.

I think I also need to find an audio clip, but I think I have that now.

I promise I'll owe it back to you all if you can help me. :(

Thanks all.

Apocrypha Roxy
28th Apr 2003, 20:06
Why not take screenshots (if you have the PC version, like I do as well as the PS2) of the final sequence, copy them in paint, and save them there; replaying until you get the whole set of shots you need.

Then record the dialogue with a cassette tape or something.

Finally put it together in PowerPoint, making it a movie. If you learn how to do PwrPt - which is quite easy - and have access to it, in school or at home, you can mush it all together. Makes a nice presentation.

With PwrPt, you can add and cut bits of sound out, so you can repaste and rearrange the narration.

You'd play it, and for each frame, stop at a critical moment and continue the next for each corresponding frame.

Say, one picture is Kain ripping the Reaver from Raziel's chest. You'll take that bit of the narration and play it there, then cut it after Raziel's scream of agony.

Next frame is Kain experiencing the flashback with the Hylden, you play where you left off from the last sound.

You get the idea?

This sounds hard to do to get the resources, but actually putting it together in PowerPoint isn't too hard. If you have access to PowerPoint... you might not.

That's all I can think of. Probably not realistically helpful, but I tried. Best of luck.

I'll see ya on Palace.

28th Apr 2003, 20:14
Unfortunately, I have the PS2 version.

It is the Powerpoint that I'm working on, but I have no idea how to do what you are suggesting.

Sorry - I'm very gormless. :(

Apocrypha Roxy
28th Apr 2003, 20:23
Mmm... Okay. I will try to help you, then. I will replay SR2 on my computer, get to the final save point, and take pictures from the encounter with Moebius until the very end.

Don't know how to record it without making it sound fuzzy, but maybe I can get my sister to reconnect the PS2 from her room to mine with the PC. Then she'll blast it and i'll make a .WAV to send to you. Of course, I'm going to need to get an antenna for the tv in my room because I've never used it and my dad needs to ge one, but the picture quality is phenomenal, for an old Sony...

I can't promise the sound, but I'll see what I can do with the pictures, unless someone else has the whole bit done already...

When is it due? Don't say this week, because I've got my SAT on saturday and I can't play when I need to study, much to my dismay. Say next week or so. I can finish SR2 within 1-2 days, excluding dinner, bathroom breaks, and a sister who wants a turn at the computer. :D

Oh, can't forget school and bathing, either! :D

Umah Bloodomen
28th Apr 2003, 20:24
You'd have to import the graphics and the sounds into Powerpoint to accomplish what she's advising. How much of the ending are you looking for?

28th Apr 2003, 20:32
I may not have long left at this forum, I don't know if I'll still exist here by next week...

I only need the end bit where Raziel stabs Raziel and says "I denounce you" and Rraziel falls to the ground dead.

Any extra would be nice, but it's not crucial. I'm afraid it is for this week, but don't mind, Apocrypha, I'll find one from somewhere or other.

Thanx anyway.

Umah Bloodomen
28th Apr 2003, 20:43
PM me your email.

28th Apr 2003, 21:17
Thanx Umah, I've sent you my e-mail.

2nd May 2003, 20:45
Send me it too!!! ivanlo2@hotmail.com