View Full Version : Wooohooo!!! 60 Plats, Finnally!!!

28th Apr 2003, 18:16
Wooooohoooo!!! I have finnally gotten 60 plats!!! I'm really excited cause' back when I started the game, I thought I would never be able to get to 66 plats, and look at me now! Just a mere 6 plats away from total completion! Im still stuck on Atom Smasher on Hard though... But If I practice on it long enough, I'll get it eventually. I ALMOST got the plat on Top Shot yestarday, I was doing great, and I finished the level in 1:13.5, just three and-a-half seconds too slow! I doubt I'll get a plat on it anytime soon.... Way back in the days of the N64, I played Mischif Makers (or "Go Go Trouble Makers" in Japan) for ages to get all 52 crystals, and I never got em' all! I was only able to get 50 of 'em! Just one week ago I pulled out my N64, wiped the dust of it, and pluged it in, and I got the last two crystals! It seemed really easy! And thanks to that, I got to see the full ending! :D Well I was sure I would get em' cause' the last time I played Mischif Makers, I was 11! (it's a really old N64 game) So I have no doubt that some day in the future when im over 20, I'll pull out my old GameCube (it WILL be old 5 years from now!) and I'll put in TS2, and take a shot at Top Shot, and I'll get the plat! I don't know why, but some how whenever I stop playing a game for a LONG time (over a year, mabey two) when I play it again, im great at it! And I do really well, and I complete stuff that I wasn't able to complete before... Weird! :rolleyes:

Anyway, I will get 66 plats.... but mabey only after 5 YEARS!!! :eek: :eek: :eek:

So, for now, Im putting down TS2 for a while. I think I'll go and try 007 NightFire or Splinter Cell... ;)

6 Gold
60 Platinum
- 95.2% Complete!

"I only have one thing to say.... Challenge me and DIE!!"

2nd May 2003, 20:45
good 4 you... :o

4th May 2003, 08:37
Your on you way :D but the last few are always such a pain to do :mad:

Ab ^_^