View Full Version : Did anyone catch the series finale of "Touched By An Angel" ?

27th Apr 2003, 02:07
Did anyone else see it? It rocked! Comeon... anyone? hello??

27th Apr 2003, 19:35
I saw an episode of it, not sure if it was the finale. They brought back the lady with the JFK consipiracies....

29th Apr 2003, 02:44
Yup. sounds like part one.

They also brought back Joey and Wayne (the guy with the mental disability... not sure exactly what it was...). And someone else... I forgot what his name is.. His name is Mike but im not sure what his real name is...

How did you like the first part?

Terrible what happend :(

There was an accident in the town's only school. The kids and the teachers were eating in the caferteria... The boiler got to hot and hit a propane tank... the school blew up, taking almost all of the town's kids.

There was a guy who was accused. He traveld from place to place and fixes stuff. He's been everywhere.

Monica (who is/was being considered for Tess' position (Tess was training Monica as a replacement since day 1...)) was helping this guy and they eventually figgured out everything. The Devil was the prosecutor, Monica was defending.

It was the Devil who "played" Joey into turning up the boiler (cause he had Cats hidden cause wayne would never let him have cats...). School blew up...).

They failed to prove their case so the guy was sentenced for 54 consecutive life sentences... 46 students and 8 teachers...). Monica gave her life to be there for him in prison. (I.e always be by his side...)

He then misteriously disapeared when it was time to transport him to the prison.

At the very end, Monica asks Tess what happend to the guy.. Tess said "Why don't you ask him?". The guy was god!! She passed her interview for the position.

It was awesome. We saw god. Very well done. its a shame its the last episode :( It started in 1994.. but still. Its a good show.

10th May 2003, 00:39
Ahh, had a friend who tapes everything, including the finale. Yes, the story was indeed a sad one, but the show was great. :)

10th May 2003, 01:40
I hope they keep playing it. even if it is just reruns.

I can honestly say, some episodes were really touching. Considering I went thru some of the stuff..

Thats what I like about the show, it tackles every-day stuff that almost everyone went thru in one way or another...