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25th Apr 2003, 13:04
Well, i havent bought Time Splitters 2 by now, and before I make my decision , I would like to know a few things about the game.

1)How many weapons? +do they have multiple functions?

2)Whats the gameplay like? more like UT or PD... or whatelse

3)Difficulty of the bots?

4)amount of Blood compared 2 other shooters <-- important :P

5) Does the size of the multiplayermaps fit for 2-4 players,
or do I have to run around the map 4 quarter an hour to find something/one i can shoot?

6)how long does it take to finish singleplayermod on highest difficulty?

well thx to every1 4 answering my questions...

greetz Angelwood

25th Apr 2003, 13:27
My advice would be to hire the game and really see for yourself if you're not sure but I'll answer your questions from my own personal perspective.

1) Not sure exactly. About 20 - 25 I think and yes some of them have secondary functions.

2) I think the gameplay is superb as the controls are full customisable.

3) Again, this is customisable. Ranging from easy-peasy to rip-your-hair-out difficult.

4) No blood at all.

5) Depends which map you use. There are quite a few. However you can fill them with computer controlled enemies as well as your mates.

6) I've notched up about 80 hours of play and I've completed 82% of the game.

Get the game mate. You know it makes sense ;)

25th Apr 2003, 14:01
i wanted to hire it, but i didnt found it so far...

There were at least 25 weapons shown on the official(???) homepage they said that there are more but that they wouldnt reveal all of em.Sounded kinda silly to me cause the number of weapons is one of the most important things for me...

fully customizable u say? yeah thats kewl...

well, if it is even half as good as perfectDark was I am gonna buy it...

25th Apr 2003, 14:05
I should also mention that I'm talking about the PS2 version but I imagine what I said applies to all console versions.

25th Apr 2003, 15:28
thx so far...
if anyone knows the exact number of weapons please post it

greetz Angelwood

25th Apr 2003, 17:46
Silenced Pistol
Silenced Pistol x2
Luger Pistol
Luger Pistol x2
Silenced Luger
Silenced Luger x2
Garrett Revolver
Garrett Revolver x2
Vintage Rifle
Sniper Rifle
Shotgun x2
Tactical 12 Guage (secondary function)
Soviet S47
Soviet S47 x2 (secondary function)
Tommy Gun
Tommy Gun x2
Scifi Handgun
Lasergun (secondary function)
Plasma Autorifle (secondary function)
SBP90 Machinegun
SBP90 Machinegun x2
Grenade Launcher (secondary function)
Rocket Launcher (secondary function)
Homing Launcher (secondary function)
Proximity Mine
Remote Mine
Timed Mine
Fire Extinguisher
Brick (secondary function)

That's 34 weapons, 26 excluding the duals.

25th Apr 2003, 17:46
Amount of blood and number of weapons are the most important thing to you :eek: WHY :confused:

Surely gameplay and stuff is the most important and you allready know it has at least 25 weapons so go get it. You wont regret it if you like fps but be warned, lots of people dont like the "back to center" crosshair.

Ab ^_^

28th Apr 2003, 09:36
Just to be honest... Gameplay (yeah i agree) and weaponnumber... dont take that sentence about blood-amount serious... it was meant as a joke, i already knew that the ESRB-rating was Teen...

well thanks...
2 days left til i get it guys ;)

28th Apr 2003, 10:40
Lets just say its addictive as hell and 10 times better than PD.

29th Apr 2003, 03:16
I'm playing the PS2 version, unlocked the brick over the weekend, and it only appears to have one attack mode, namely throwing it. Am I missing something? I hoped it had the option of being wielded...

Progress: 63.8%
Now getting somewhere in Challenge modes :)

29th Apr 2003, 04:21
Actually it has got a secondary function. If you press Z (s. function button on gamecube) it throws it further.

30th Apr 2003, 07:41
Well not ten times better then PD, (except of the better graphics) but exactly the kind of console FPS i love ^^ thx guys