View Full Version : 8-bit paletted textures

25th Apr 2003, 03:13
i tried everything on the help site.
i got the patches
OK i played it before and this test passed and i was able to play with good graphics. Then i uninstalled to clean up my computer from viruses (after words i wiped my hard drive and reinstalled) i put everything back on it and it keeps failin the 8-bit paletted textures. In the configuration mode i can only select software renderer (before i had the direct3d to select).

please help

Computer stats:
intel celeron 1200mhz
256mb ram
i know its more than the reqired 4 bit vid card
CHIPSET:intel 830 family (8283m)
running on xp/2000 (i tried testing it on both

have patches:xp patch; keyboard patch (for laptops)
upside down movie patch