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24th Apr 2003, 04:01
Everytime I try to get my messengers out to the scattered units and then attempt to bring them back to reinforce the fort the enemy put ladders on my walls and scale them with my spearmen not even trying to push the ladders of the walls. I get overwhelmed so quickly. Please I need any advice as to how to beat this mission.

24th Apr 2003, 04:29
I mean 13. Cold Treason

24th Apr 2003, 08:21
I had a few troubles with this mission as well, what i did was meet with the spearmen at the beginning begin following them, but when your a the river with the other troops on the other side, i senta messenger to Run over the bridge to meet them and had my main force on the other side of bridge.

Instead of following the spearmen you met follow these men from the river. (the spear men go and get killed), keep following this little army all the way to the fort with your starting forces and you'll gain contorl of the men with you and the men in the fort.

When i gained contorl, i set the archers on the walls to agressive, set two pike men, one at either gate to stationary, built 2 auxillary infantry to send to repair the gats (at the top gate troops start attacking to get in), there were not any archers a thte top gate so I sent the archers from the army you were following to there., also reinforce the walls with spearmen,legionnares and more archers and a few physcians.

Now after the first intial assault I then sent a messenger to run quikly to the forces staitoned outside the fort, just past the forest were enemy archrs and the what not come out to attack you.

When you get those troops send them to your fort, you'll also notice enar an enemy town there are more forces on cliff, when you notice no more attacks coming to the top gate, send a messenger/equity or whatver to meet them, what i did with these guys was to set the archers to staitonary at the tip of the cliff so they could detory the town wihslt having the spearmen set to staitonary protecting them.

then with one town gone, all you need to do is send a sizable force (mine mainly consisted of equities, legionnares and archers) to the town that is green on the map and destroy it to win, there were not too many defenders but enough to cause a little hassel.


24th Apr 2003, 09:30
The first time I tried cold treason I just got slaughtered, wasnt even funny.

The second time I played, I took my startring units, hotkeyed them and then when I found the spearmen just out my starting point i followed them the whole way to the fort, use them to take the brunt of attacks, and then have your cavalry attack form the sides. The spearman actually lasted the whole way there. when I got to the fort I sent my archers to the walls, a thing i found out with archers is that they seem to take less damage if they are placed in the huts at the corners than if they are just standign in the open.

I was unlucky, as i got to my base the gate in the north was destroyed, just get some spearman on stationary and have yours archers pick off all the enemy archers before they get in range and then you should be able to last. I got some aux inf, made a catapault, and trained some cav arch. went out to the outpost to the east and got those units, then I just attacked the village from the hilltop. dont go futher east from there as there are a few groups of beserkers and spearmen.

I then trained some more cav arch, I find they help a lot just place them on ridges and let them wear down enemy forces, then retreat them fast.

i sent them down south to get the units down in the SE corner, the beserkers. at this time, because I had taken the brunt of the assault, i placed most of my archers in trees surrounding my base.

I got a large force of equites and cav arch, sent them to the enmy base east of the fort, if you hug the top of the map and then in the corner cross onto a little ridge right next to the enemy base, you can just pick off any attacking units and destroy the base.

I found that this level was easy once you get to the fort. Getting there was my biggest problem.

Another useful thing I found was to keep my german cav hotkeyed with one physician and a centurion and when any enemy archers tried to attack my base attack them and then retreat to the fort when melee units try to fight back.

Good luck!

24th Apr 2003, 14:27
many thanks. I appreciate your help.