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24th Apr 2003, 02:18
I'm playing FF VIII and I'm on the second disk. I'm stuck in the town of Balamb and I can't get out. I'm begining to go crazy here. I can't find the captain anywhere. I passed him up one time by the train station but when I turned around to catch him he was gone ! Haven't seen him since. AAAARRGGGHHH!! :(

24th Apr 2003, 02:57
....Passed him up?

Lets see....I don't remember the order exactly. But you pretty much visit all the places, I guess. You go to Zell's house....and you can go to his room now.....

Then you leave, and eventually come back, There should be smoke coming out of the house and you find out that what's his name baked some fish. You go to the Train station, and talk to the guys there....then you go to the docks and talk to the dog.....then you follow the dog. You'll end up at the Train station...then go back to the hotel.....before you go to the hotel it would be a very good idea to go to Zell's room and save. Because the battle can be pretty hard, if you take it lightly.

Don't forget to draw the GF.

If you want to leave the town....distract the guard until the boy (Zell's little brat friend) can talk to the little girl's father.....It's not that important, so I'm not going into any detail. You have to find the Captain for the Story line to progress.

24th Apr 2003, 02:59
The captain loves to fish.

The train guys said that he caught a Balamb Fish.

And the captain needs to cook it.

Where in the town can you find a stove?

Now Balamb Fishes are really, really bad to eat.

And it doesn't smell very nice.

Dogs have acute sense of smell.

Does that help?

24th Apr 2003, 17:46
Dell spams:

Is there quite a 'fishy' odor here in this topic...or should I say "follow your nose" because there are really only a few places in town you can reach.

26th Apr 2003, 00:04
thanks for the help and your right the fight was a tough one !!!
Thank You very very much!!! ((((huggs)))) :)