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23rd Apr 2003, 22:28
Hi folks!

I've got a friend overseas who bought TS2 on my recommendation, and who is now telling me that he's not impressed with it as he beat the whole game (yes, that's Story mode, Arcade, & Challenges) in 6 hours on Normal difficulty.

It has taken me about 5 days of game time to complete Co-op Story mode on Normal difficulty, get to Elite League, and do a few of the challenges, so my perspective may be that of a hopeless case (I've got 2 platinums! I rule...occasionally ;) ), but I figured some of you talented people out there may be able to advise whether 6 hours is possible?


23rd Apr 2003, 22:56
Nope not possible! not by a longshot.

MAYBE (I stress the word maybe) if he got everything first time around but to finish the game on normal AND get all the plats, hell no!

I've had it for a few months and I still havent got everything (pretty close though ;))

Ab ^_^

23rd Apr 2003, 23:22
Just to clarify the situation: he hasn't claimed to have got platinum for everything, but to have successfully completed all the levels with at least bronze medals.

24th Apr 2003, 01:12
He's probably being a little dumb, as some of my friends.

Remember Vegas Stakes for the SNES? I knew you didn't. Anyway, it's a Vegas game with the Casinos and the sort, and my friend said he beat it. Well, getting to the better hotel, the Laurel Palace IS NOT beating the game! To beat Vegas Stakes you need to get 10 million bucks, not just get to stay at the Laurel Palace!

I know of a guy on the Zone (a loooonnnggg time ago) who said he beat Zelda 3 in like 20 minutes. He said it was a cheap game because it was short and don't need to go everywhere or do everything to beat it. Turns out he only got up to the part where you get the Master Sword -- and he calls that beating the damn game.

But in the case of TS2, if you don't screw around and don't go to mapmaker, don't do Arcade Custom, it's possible to complete the thing in 6 hours, normal. He probably had FAQs, walkthroughs and the sort, those which I hate, and, like previously mentioned, probably only got all Bronze. He probably had GameShark, or possibly had someone else's memory card and loaded the game off of that!

But, he's/she's your friend. So probably he/she beat it, possibly, if they played Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, and TS1 enough.

Other than that it's impossible. NOT POSSIBLE. Unless you have a bugged and defective copy.

24th Apr 2003, 02:39
I do remember Vegas Stakes! I played that non-stop on a flight from Australia to London back in 1996, and it wasn't until half an hour to go that I discovered there was more than one casino to visit! :)

Meanwhile, I'm continuing to try getting more info from my friend about how he beat TS2 and what he did, but he's living in Kenya where the Internet is only accessible some of the time...


24th Apr 2003, 12:44
I finished it in 6 hours

Illtry if I can make a foto again

24th Apr 2003, 14:19
No way. Ive got over 2 DAYS worth of game time on my stats, and Im just done almost all the Arcade and challenges. Ive also made it to Neo Tokyo on Normal. 6 Hours? Maybe if he's done it all before!:D

24th Apr 2003, 22:44
You can probably get bronzes and finish the story on easy in under 6 hrs, I know I could but thats probably cos I know what to do and stuff.

I KNOW!! lets all do a challenge to see who can complete story (easy) and all bronzes the fastest :D

Ab ^_^

25th Apr 2003, 02:32
Hmm...nice idea. Let's start something like that, like a Moderator or someone has a topic updated everyday with stats and stuff for challegenges the Moderator or Topic Leader has posted!

That'd be cool.

Century Bot
25th Apr 2003, 11:20
I'm well into my third day of playing.
I'm only 86% complete.

Personally I'd rather not be so skillful as to complete the game in just 6 hours, I'm enjoying geting stuck and working out not strats!

I don't buy games just to complete them - obviously with TS2 the game is designed to keep you chipping away to unlock cheats and new levels. I buy games to entertain and challenge myself.

Does Mr 6 Hours also speed read books, and watch vidoes on fast forward.

I rekon if I started TS2 again I could get to where I am now in six hours (of play).

25th Apr 2003, 13:39
Originally posted by Tijdsplijter
I finished it in 6 hours

Illtry if I can make a foto again

We don't need a photo - I've seen some of your other posts and stats, and you are the real deal. I have no doubt that you could do it in six hours, as could many people who

a) played a lot of TS1
b) just wanted to unlock as many things as they could as fast as they could

I'm not saying that b) applied to you, Tijdsplijter, but it probably does to the other dude.

Anyway, I agree with the other posts that say they don't really get the point of trying to beat the game as fast as possible. I'm not much of a gamer - TS2 is one of one a couple of games that I own (my other favourite is Kessen 2 - which is a completely different style of game), and it took me quite a while to work my way through it. For example, on the space station level in Easy, I didn't even find the Envirosuit - I just took the health and armour hits from being outside in the vacuum of space shooting down splitters ships! It wasn't until Normal mode that I found the suit and went "Oh, this makes way more sense!"

Anyway, I like a game with a learning curve like TS2s that lets you do a fair bit before you're really good, but makes you reach for some levels.

25th Apr 2003, 14:09
well... if u start freakin gaming like hell i suppose u can do it in 6 hours...(dont know the game by now, i m going to buy it in a week or two...)

i usually dont even start playing campaign mods on easy, i dont like beeing through the whole game in a few hours so i always start on the highest difficulty...

BTW: i wonder if anyone here did vomplete perfect dark... or goldeneye(compleated means having played everything in singleplayermod on the highest difficulty and that u have gotten all rewards etc...)

25th Apr 2003, 15:01
Originally posted by Angelwood
BTW: i wonder if anyone here did vomplete perfect dark... or goldeneye(compleated means having played everything in singleplayermod on the highest difficulty and that u have gotten all rewards etc...) Yeah, I did. TS2 is a similar amount of work.

25th Apr 2003, 15:25
And u did really manage to make ALL cheats available (need to do complete the levels under timepressure) there were a few levels in which u had to run the perfect way, couldnt stop because of the time and meanwhile had to stay alive vs hard opps
(I think it was the undergroundlab of the datadyne lab) ...that one was freakin difficult to do... i knew a lot of people who had the game but none of em had managed to get everything...

25th Apr 2003, 17:52
I have (goldeneye that is) :D I remember I was the first one out of my friends to get the cheat for doin facility and then everyone wanted me to do it for them :D

Ab ^_^

25th Apr 2003, 19:11
ARRRRRRRRRGH!!!!!!:mad: You rekindled my rage for that one. I was always 5 seconds off!!! I eventually caved and used a game shark.:mad: :mad: :mad: That was so frustrating. Must... not... kick... dog....

18th May 2003, 17:19
I have all 66 plats and stuff..I bet I could beat it on normal, and get at least 65 plats (top shot I might not be able to get,but gold would be cake), probably in under 6 hours.

19th May 2003, 03:36
Beating the game on normal is a sinch! have your friend complete it on hard. Now THATS hard.

19th May 2003, 13:10
Ive completed the game 100% in 8 hours, having said that, I got up to 99.5% a while ago but some dodgy geezer nicked my memory card... grr! I also had a huge amount of experience having Played the original for over 100 hours (breakng a few pads along the way!) so I guess its possible to complete the game with every trophy in 6 hours, hell, I could probably do that in 2 hours... its getting golds and platinums on every level that takes time.

16th Oct 2005, 12:37
I once did story mode on normal, completed the elite league and the challenges in 9 hours (i think.it could of been longer) and I got 10 platinum36 golds10 silvers and10 bronze(mostly on challenge)But you would have to be a proper master at the game to do it in 6 hours.Quite frankly, i dont think it can be done :cool: :D

16th Oct 2005, 12:48
apparently,to get a platinum on challenge behead the undead:fight off the living dead,you have to get 145000 points!!!!!!!!!!It is not possible.also to get a platinum on challenge glass smash stain removal you have to get all panes(32) and have 47 secs remaining!!and in challenge glass smash pane in the neck you have to get 11 secs!!What the hell do these people think we are!! some kind of freaky robots that can acctually accomplish this.R109 beta is F*%k*!g p&*$ easy compared to that

18th Oct 2005, 22:47
I have good experience, 100% of story (hard of course), arcade and challenge (16 platines and 50 golds), trust me it is really possible to do the platinum medal in Behead the Undeath, I have almost 300 000, cathedral windows are well destructive on platine, too :cool: best challenge part is "Story Classic" like Hit Me Baby One Morgue Time, thats my favourite, I have under 58 sec. but much better is to kill them all in full time ;) best character is monkey forever! and the worst shock that I can imagine in this game is to delete profile with numbers like 18000 kills or 6000 knocked off heads and days of playing.... but one think is not clear to me, whats "surf time" in statistics? I cant remember any surfing in story... :p