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23rd Apr 2003, 21:08
Just got TS2.

Just learning, I am in the story mode in Neo Tokyo.
I can not get anywhere here.

The hacker always sees me & trys to kill me until I kill her then game over.

I have snuck into the head quarters a couple of times but always get spotted & killed.

Sorry for the silly question but I am stuck.

Thank you

Grom the Scatman
23rd Apr 2003, 21:43
Don't follow her too closely, and keep your guns down until you get past the area where she unlocks the door for you...

24th Apr 2003, 00:15
everybody gets stuck on neotokyo.
I didn't know how to get that password so I had to get a guide to finish that.

24th Apr 2003, 14:41
Use your temperal uplink to follow her. This way you can keep a good enough distance, but still have her on radar. Dont get out a gun or the civilions will run to the police sometimes. Once your at the door that is guarded by laser beams, wait till shes through. Then run to the left of the door. On the other side of the door, theres another person. Dont let her see you. Wait till she leaves the room (using the radar) then go through the door and into the room she was in. Make shure they have their backs to you when you go through the door. Dont dodle though, the lasers will go back up soon therafter. Once in the room, use the camera to get the password. You can probably figure out the rest from there. Good luck!:cool:

24th Apr 2003, 22:40
Ah heck! why does everyone follow the hacker when you can just jump off?

When the level starts jump off to your left (before the train comes) and as soon as you land you'll be in the camera's view so strafe left as you fall and after you fall until you get off its view.

At this point you can either go to the winows with the guns in which case you should walk slowly cos if you go infront of her she'll see you as you take your guns,

Or you can just run to where the hacker will be going and then hide either behind one of the crates or after you go down the stairs go to the right side where theres a lil gap and duck (dunno if ducking makes a diff but it might) or you can go along the corridor after you go down the stairs and hide under the ramp you go down. All these places work cos I've tried em.

Then you just wait for the hacker to catch up and then resume following her.

Ab ^_^

25th Apr 2003, 14:58
Figured out Neo Tokyo.

I did not think to look at the camera until she gave up the code.

Thanks to all.:D