View Full Version : This is a REAL crazyass game setup!

23rd Apr 2003, 18:50
Okay. Go to map maker, make a one-unit room (worth one unit, worth one square on the grid.)

Put a spawn point in this room.

Save the map as "Insane" or whatever. The map description should read "My little corner of the Institution..."

My favorite music is Scrapyard, since it's very crazy-sounding.

Play the map, on Frantic, with the option "Start with gun" on, put one hit kill on, fill the slots up with bots, put a crazy gun on like SBP90 x 2 or rocket launcher on the first slot, then play.

Prepare to lag.

23rd Apr 2003, 18:57
What I did in one of my levels is put one of those rooms with all four sides as windows. If you die you might show up in there with no escape, making yourself extremly vulnerable to attack. Except in mine, theres no gun in there, and no start with gun. If someone else joins you, you fight it out with your fists!

P.S. okay, I get it, so the flaming monkeys isnt exactly CRAZY. It's more funny. If you got anymore setups, let me know. I hate to think I've done it all. I need to have more arcade experiences.:D

25th Jul 2004, 22:59
i have a fun game but you could play it only against friends on multi-tap,first select the ice stashion level,then put on one-shot-kills,then make a custom weapons of only sniper ritfuls,then put the radar off,turn it to siberia music,and finally put on NO bots.there now it's a cool creepy death match(or elimination):D

26th Jul 2004, 05:07
I don't have a multitap (my friend does). My cousin and I played deathmatch in Ice Platform with weapon 5 being sniper rifle. Weapon 5 spawns twice on the third floor of the base. However, if you wanted a really good sniping game, set weapon 4 to sniper rifle as well, becasuse weapon 4 spawns in the red and green buildings. It's quite difficult to pull off a headshot with an erratically moving person, I'll tell you that right now. It won't work with bots, bots tend to run up to you. However, for added fun, put in some prox mines (or remote mines, I prefer prox) and mine all the entrances and stairs in the base. Then start with the AK4 (x2) and start with gun, so you can either a) bomb the building or b) bomb the lower floor of the building from the top floor.


26th Jul 2004, 23:45
My friend does laods of ace game setups. One of them (coupled with him being kinda tired, and playing for 5 hours.) took his "Kills without dying" stat past 2,000.....

Here's one he cooked up that we're having trouble beating:

One Shot kill
All bots
30 lives
All weapons Sci-fi handgun
Start with gun YES.


27th Jul 2004, 00:58
i did like the same thing except i faced like 8 chasit bots aganst only me,i didn't even die!and i put on heavy weapons like flame thrower,mini gun,stinger(homing launcher)and a remote mine.i rule!:D

26th Aug 2004, 08:08
naw the best robot is sentry-bots