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23rd Apr 2003, 15:17
I watched a video of one of you doing the most impossible "Can't Handle This," and I noticed AUTO AIM WAS ON.

I don't use auto aim. If you use auto aim, well, I just have to say, whY?!?!? I hate auto aim. I hated the Handicap in Perfect Dark, as my older brother, who really sucks a lot, would put his Handicap on 1000% and with AUTO AIM on, and we would wonder why he owned so much. WELL NOW WE KNOW.

I'm proud to say I don't use autoaim and I still own.

Good day to those who use autoaim, but remember, you will cower in fear when I face you in TS2 one day...

23rd Apr 2003, 15:27
I myself use auto aim, I'll admit it. But most of the time I'm looking through the scope of my trusty sniper rifle, so it doesnt make that much of a difference.:cool: Kuddos to you though being able to play with no auto aim at all:D

23rd Apr 2003, 19:30
Originally posted by DrkSnpr14
Kuddos to you though being able to play with no auto aim at all:D

Well obviously he cant play THAT well since he's behind on his plats simply because he doesnt have autoaim on!

I use autoaim but bout 80% of the challenges/arcade leagues I hold down the manual aim button to get head shots and one of them is Can't Handle This

Ab ^_^

24th Apr 2003, 14:31
I got a platnum from cant handle this from standing at the end of that one hall with the tommy gun x2 and just firing none stop. I died once and made it back there in time. The body shots worked for me,but I guess head shots would be more effective.:D

24th Apr 2003, 15:08
I don't know. I had a lot of trouble with Can't Handle This, and in the end I had 5 seconds left and one kill to do. There was one hand in front of me, so I aimed my double tommies at his head and didn't stop firing.

It used almost all my clips in both guns to kill that guy.

I watched the video again where this one guy was doing Can't Handle This. He killed them in 3 to 5 hits in the body, and only 1 hit in the head! The strategy he used was to hang out where the body armor spawned, and wait there. The enemies came in groups of 3 to 5, and he had no problem mowing them down, and never running out of ammo in his clip (except one part where they rushed him).

That confuses me. I did the same thing, to see what was wrong (I had already completed Can't Handle This), and the first group consisted of 3. What the hell? I didn't stop firing, and I heard and saw my shots were hitting at least their chest and above, but it took me the whole clip of both tommies just to kill one. I even tried auto-aim and the same thing happened.

And the bots weren't dashing around like they were in the video.

I wonder. I've got the PS2 version. You think there's a difference between the versions, difficulty-wise?

24th Apr 2003, 22:33
Well the video your talking bout (Josh's) is from a ps2 version too!

Dunno what to tell yah I'm afraid.

It usually takes me 4-6 shots in the head to kill em but they mostly come in groups so you cant really tell how many shots plus the tommy guns shoot really fast.

Ab ^_^

25th Apr 2003, 09:04
Auto aim is good, especially if you're left-handed like me and can't use the right thumb-stick properly.

It's good to use auto aim in console games but not for pc games when you can aim easier with a mouse.

Century Bot
25th Apr 2003, 10:52
Err, I don't recall the hands having heads - how can you get a head shot? When I got my plat I used manual aim and aimed between there eyes - 1 or 2 hits from the tommy guns seems to do the trick.

I would not recommend using auto aim for this challange. Just find a spot (I think we all know where - the enterance/ticket office) where you can get a few rounds off before they get the chance to fire back.