View Full Version : Seige help?

23rd Apr 2003, 12:49
What is the best way to lay out units for seige attacks, I only found out yesterday that archers placed in the huts in the corners of forts dont take much damage. I find that the enemy usually tears through any units, so I want to know what array of units and layout of the troops you guys find helps in defending forts.

Mark OHearn
23rd Apr 2003, 15:15
Most gamers will stay behind the fort's defensive walls.

However, the enemy usually only sends a lot of archers and seige weapons, which can be easily destroyed by legions/warriors and even workers for that matter. Therefore, always try to send troops outside the walls, just be sure not to open the gate when enemies are present :) Legions with turtle formation are great. This will save you from lots of died archers.

Keep a troop of workers next to each door to repair.

Lots of catapults are great inside your fort set on aggressive mode.

I suppose (though I seldom do) you could set spearmen inside the fort up against the gate(s) just in case you lose the gate(s).

Medics should be place up hard against the wall for protection, which will be below archers for automatic healing.

Last night I finished "Let The Hunt Begin" mission that involved defending a fort. I tried it on Normal, but was too impatient to try again so I completed it on Easy. That makes about 4 or 5 missions now on Easy :(

One gamer posted that he was doing the entire campaign on Hard - good job! While I am still enjoying Praetorians, I am also looking forward to completing the game and reducing my online play. There is an element of repetition that is starting to set in, especially in light of no patches, upgrades, etc...

Anyway, good luck with the fort missions, they are fun!