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23rd Apr 2003, 08:59
After playing through some of the campaign, I want to start a thread which helps with the campaigns, On on of the first campaign games, where you have to withstand an assault for 20 minutes I found by the end of the 20 mintues all my troops would have fallen, and my heroes would almost be dead, then because I had withstood the assault I would still be given a victory. I am sure there must be an easier way to do this level, one which allows you to last out the game.

Writing down little tricks for levels would be cool, as I am now in my 10th level of the campaign, but some of the levels I found very hard and I want to know if there was an easier way to do them.

28th Apr 2003, 00:08
"Of All The Gallic Tribes," I think, is the title of the mission in which you have to last 20 minutes.

I've played it and won at the hard level, and although others have commented in detail on how they won (see that thread for all the details), I think if I were asked for ONE key tactic on how to survive (just barely) I would say: CAVALRY.

*CAVALRY: Hotkey the Gallic cavalry, place them either to the right of the fort out of sight or within the fort near a physician. Use the cavalry to quickly attack rams, catapults, ladders, and archers. Never fight enemy melee units (You can avoid them. I have and I'm not particularly skillful.) Recruit Roman equites if necessary. I was able to knock out catapults before they blasted my archers from the walls, burn towers before they reached walls, and destroy ladders ahead of enemy melee units, and cut archers to pieces. It's tricky with rams but still effective. Danger is in clashing with enemy melee units; if you do then you're out-of-luck. Be conservative: retreat into the fort often.

Using this tactic, I was able (on normal and hard levels) to win half the time, and give a good showing everytime. Nevertheless, it was close everytime - mainly because that final assault is tough even when I'd managed to have a lot of legionaries, spearmen, archers, and catapults left, the enemy seemed to be berserk and stronger than normal. Still, having the gate intact and plenty of archers available (thanks to my cavalry having stopped the rams and catapults), gave me that small winning margin.

(I use a game controller and had hotkeyed my cavalry to run/charge everytime, so they were really fast. It helps prevent a catapult from killing your archers.)

You still need the other tips (see that thread) but having played without using the cavalry and by just trying to hold the fort without any counterattack, I lost several times anyway. Usually at the end when the remnants of my force were swamped.

28th Apr 2003, 05:19


28th Apr 2003, 10:31
Thanks for the info there.

Does anyone have any good strategy for the level afte he who dares, I keep on getting slaughtered by the parthian cavalry.


29th Apr 2003, 14:48
That site don't seem to have any strategies for the campaign. The strategies are mainly for skirmish or multi-players.

29th Apr 2003, 15:36
its in development but is looking good
, for that mission though I preveserved my calvary, i hotkeyed them and sent them to the right side of the map, just outside the fort walls, i sent 2 legionnares into the forests of the bridge at the top of the map (didnt cross over) and put them in defence mode, then i built mixtures of archers/legionnares and a few equities.

When an assault would begin and i could see units crossign the river Id wait until the siege weapons started to cross, like battering rams etc and get my legionanres to attack them and then run bakc into the forests.

Once the leigonnare eventualyl died i then used my calvary to attakc siege wepaons and archers then send them back to the right side of the fort (outside still)


1st May 2003, 01:45
I have some strategy on my site, its worthwhile go check it out.

By the way ive decided to come crawling back lol-and i do kick people off my forum but only if they swear and crap. What i meant what that its not full of rules and regulations. Just a few to keep it runnin properly.


1st May 2003, 09:34
I know you have some strategies on your website but they are not for the campaign.

Macsen Rufus
25th Dec 2003, 16:40
When defending a fort against battering rams, wait behind door with a Legion, and aux infantry - aux infantry to repair the gate, legion to dash out when the ram pulls back for its next thrust. Once the Legion attacks, the ram will be held stationary, and you can repair the door without the auxilaries being thrown across the courtyard :-). Keep your legion in turtle formation for maximum endurance. Hold the ram still long enough for your archers to set it alight. If you can keep archer cavalry alive in the field, siege engines need never reach the gate.

One I haven't tried yet is to open the gate as the ram charges, and deal with it inside the fort.....

26th Dec 2003, 00:47
If you open the gate the ram will just stand still...maybe use a centurion or medic to do that, allowing you to just kill the ram.

Macsen Rufus
28th Dec 2003, 18:37
APW906: Tnx for that one - I WILL try it in future! Sounds a lot less hassle than a fort with no gate...

Now struggling with "War Within the Mountains" (the pass in the Pyrenees with an allied village to defend as well). Somehow my villages last longer if I do nothing than if I try to fight back, obviously doing something wrong, hmmm....

28th Dec 2003, 22:31
Np, i would help you with this level too, but i don't recall which one it is :confused:

Macsen Rufus
30th Dec 2003, 22:26
WWM was a killer, but cracked it finally... even so, I had to kill 2500 of the enemy along the way, kill ratio nearly 10:1...
Tough one.

1st Jan 2004, 17:22
in reply to your thread i found that all you have to do is keep producing archers from your garrison,make sure both your aux infantry are near the gates to keep them repaired and bring in your horses at the start and with your pikemen keep them near the gates also,your archers then take care of all the attacking enemy and your legionnaires take care of any enemy that get in i did it this way and survived relatively intact with not a lot of major losses,just keep remembering to make more archers from your garrison and position them along the top of the fort walls,but move them from above the gates when the battering ram attacks because it tends to kill a few of your archers

14th Jan 2004, 22:59
i should of posted it here.....guys i need help on priests and centurians.. i like using romans so what does that extra regineration stamina do for the troops and do i have to manually click on it because when i do his stamina is dropping and when would be a good time to use it? My other question is the priest ability , i usually have them on automanage which are blinking right? so i just take them into battle and should i manually do something because it looks like they just stand there doing nothing and not using their stamina? please help on abilities on heros

Macsen Rufus
16th Jan 2004, 00:04
Centurions' "extra stamina" ability uses his stamina to recharge other troops, so it means your legionnaires can throw another pilum or a catapult can fire again sooner etc.

Physicians do a general "slow heal" on anyone around, but you can also right-click them on someone for a fast heal, or to cure Nubian poison. Again it uses your physician's stamina, but you have a centurion, right? ....

16th Jan 2004, 01:08
Originally posted by Macsen Rufus
Centurions' "extra stamina" ability uses his stamina to recharge other troops, so it means your legionnaires can throw another pilum or a catapult can fire again sooner etc.

Physicians do a general "slow heal" on anyone around, but you can also right-click them on someone for a fast heal, or to cure Nubian poison. Again it uses your physician's stamina, but you have a centurion, right? ....

thanks, but how do u pull off 2 pilums when face to face with enemy i always end up throwing the pilums and then in hand to hand combat i cant throw them so this is what i do i throw the pilums and then use centurian to regenerate but its like its too late cause they are in hand to hand combat already....and for the priests how do i know if ive been hit with nubian archers so i can take my priest and heal them during battle or is it after battle i can heal them...during battle all my guys are losing hit points so i dont know which ones i need to heal that have been hit with poison

Macsen Rufus
16th Jan 2004, 08:52
If your guys have been hit by Nubian archers there's a little green cloud comes off them like radioactive BO, and they keep losing health until or unless they are healed.

How I handle physicians depends on the situation - if I have plenty of population I let the physicians follow the troops and keep recruiting more to replace them when then inevitably die (they are cheap and quick), but otherwise I try to keep them out of the way and pull back the injured for treatment.

But that's what so good about Praetorians - there's no one fixed answer for every situation...

Keeping your legions out of melee isn't easy, but try the "hold" command, and obviously it's easiest when you have them in a place they can't charge in, like the top of a ridge. Then SOMETIMES you get enough time for two pilum throws ;-))

16th Jan 2004, 17:51
Priests are handy if your trying to defend an area with a hill by your troops, you can place the priest on top (where your troops are in its healing range) and set him to hold his position. This way he won't run out with your men and risk dying, you may want to possibly think about defending them too though.

16th Jan 2004, 23:37
thanks for the help guys.... something is weird when i click on my troops and right click on on hold position which is automanage hold position and i have it on aggressive mode they will not attack unless my troops get attacked on...so what im trying to get at is that my legionaries dont throw their pilums when i have it on automanage hold position and even if its on aggressive....any suggestions? im trying to have them on hold position but attack the enemy with their pilums...

FV Constantinus
19th Jan 2004, 00:29
There is actually already a huge Praetorians tip site somebody here started, that is filled with forum member's strategies. Check it out:

21st Jan 2004, 04:25
thank you