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Origami Banana
22nd Apr 2003, 14:47
Is it possible to create a transparent floor that you can walk on that looks like glass?

I have tried a big window but I just fall through it.

Any thoughts?

22nd Apr 2003, 20:10
Make sure you give the window props>

Model>dimensions> and change them to the new size, it's not automatic.

then you can walk on it.

To have an AI walk on it you might have to add models>misc>collision type props, AI collision = true.

You might also have to add AI>tility>path exactOBB (not sure)

And I'm not sure where its at but I think there is an AI>Pathable object prop.

Be sure to add Game>Damage Model>Detah stage 12 so you can't break the window.

23rd Apr 2003, 01:31
hmm knee deep snow:

make doors 1 foot off the ground and give them the snow texture...and make them so that you can pass through them :) maybe works maybe doesnt hehe

23rd Apr 2003, 06:46
You could deffinately make some "snow drfit objects" that just didn't have any props and it would seem like you were walking thru snow :)

23rd Apr 2003, 11:46
Just replied to your post on TTLG.

Have a look at the "Life of the Party" OM, I believe there is a glass ceiling in someone's house on the way to Angel Watch.