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22nd Apr 2003, 00:47
Am having a wierd error at intervals on shutdown or restart from windows. (Win98)

"Fatal error 0E at 000-0019800" (not the exact address but you get the idea)
Always the same address.

Enter to continue etc.

Then I get "Fatal error 0D at 0000-000000 (this is the exact address).

My question is what is error 0E and what is error 0D.

Can't find a reference that details exactly what the error is.

Any helpful comment appreciated.

Neither causes a problem on Hard boot or Power off restart. System loads normally with no default to scan disk or to Safe Mode.

But what the error might be is bugging me.

Only happens once in a while, and always on shutdown or "restart" from the desktop.

22nd Apr 2003, 04:50
I'm sorry, I do not know the answer, but I have had the same experience, in spades, and I eventually got rid of it. Basically, the BSOD means you are SOL, and you need to tear your hair out finding the root cause.:) The error message means nothing useful. Maybe a pointer in software is pointing to an illegal place in memory or NULL. What good does that do you unless you are a MS OS programmer? None.:(

In fact, you may already know, Windows 98 has a well known shutdown bug, and that is what I think you are experiencing. One thing you might do to isolate it is to manually stop various apps before shutting down. You may find the one causing trouble that way. One thing I would definitely do is to search the Microsoft knowledge base for the key word "shutdown". Maybe they have a patch or can shed light on it. I know I have seen articles on this.

I am sorry, but I do not remember how I got rid of it. It was around 3-4 years ago.

There is another more insidious shutdown bug with Win 98 that does not show up as a BSOD. If you have a fast CPU and shut down while there is disk activity (beyond your control), the power can be shut off by Windows while disk cache is still being flushed. You can corrupt your hard drive and have to low-level reformat the drive. That happened to me, too. I got around that by setting BootGUI = 0 in one of the hidden system files, I think MSDOS.SYS, and then using Win from a BAT file to enter Windows manually. Then shutdown takes you back to the BAT file and to a benign DOS state, from which you can turn off your computer manually without risk.

The bottom line: this and other things made me very happy to abandon 98 and install 2000 last year.

22nd Apr 2003, 05:02
I know the feeling Peter.

Yes there is a patch for shutdown, and for multiple HDD. Both of which I have installed.

The code at least would tell me what the call is. IE. "Attempt to divide by zero" or some such. That would give me a minor clue at least.

But thanks for the note. :D

22nd Apr 2003, 12:53
G'day tBM

I had a very similar pattern of bluescreens and errors when one memory stick was on its way out, so if yuo don't find other solutions, testing with one out and the others in might be helpful, although if it's an intermittent fault that would be a long process.

I have to do some minor carpentry for my daughter Cassie before she goes to school, otherwise I'd Google it now, but I'm sure I found useful information searching just 'fatal error OE' or whatever.

All the best with it,


22nd Apr 2003, 17:25
Thanks guys, I found some links. Turtle from TTLG pointed me in the right direction.

Seems some Video cards can cause that and Mine is one of them. LOL