View Full Version : News of PS3, isn't it grand....

21st Apr 2003, 21:05
Well-it's more like news on the planned capabilities of the PS3 and other things...

Fascinating really.

Edit: Completely unrelated: 4/30/03! WA! Finally! Just a few more days to go!

21st Apr 2003, 22:26
just got a ps2 not that long ago and its already getting replaced lol dang it

21st Apr 2003, 22:57
I read a really interesting article about a new generation of CPU's that will be use for the next-next gen game consoles. Cyrix I think, or Sony. Can't remember now.

Believe it was about a 1000 GHz processor. No hoax either BTW...

22nd Apr 2003, 02:57
well it probably won't be out till 2005 anyway. The article was very interesting, I just hope sony dosen't make the same mistake and make too few of them for a year like the PS2.

Umah Bloodomen
23rd Apr 2003, 08:49
You know they're only going to ship a certain number during specific financial quarters just like they did with the PS2.

At any rate, at least I have some time before I have to make room for this in my collection.