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21st Apr 2003, 20:48
I'm trying to make a poisonous wall. The effect I'm trying to achieve is that if Garrett touches the wall (solid brush) it will knock off a hit point or two. I'e seen the ffect done before but I can't recall where and it may well have been an object rather than a brush. Any ideas?

21st Apr 2003, 23:36
Create a banner with a non-render metaprop added to it..
Then place the proper stim on it with a contact as it's setting..What version is this for? 1 or 2?
I can whip up a real quick mis file and tut for you if you like.

Here is did the write up for ya.

1. Create Banner (anytype)

2 .Edit the size to the area you want to cover.
Make sure to edit the boundingbox size as well in the properties
Physics>Model>Dimensions- x,y,z

3. Add Rendered>Render Type = Not Rendered

4. Add Act/React>Source
Object = Concrete Object ID #
Stimlus = ToxicStim
Propagtor = Contact
Intensity = 2

5. Add>Metaproperty>Vulnerabilities>Resistances = WeaponProof

Any questions..just give a yell :D

Or if you have a custom texture in mind for this effect. Open the textures in the Heirarchy find the texture in the list and add this..

1. Add Act/React>Source
Object = texture ID # (well be a negative number)
Stimlus = ToxicStim
Propagtor = Contact
Intensity = 2

This will require a custom gam..which seems to be the norm lately. Also any place this texture is used will have this effect.

22nd Apr 2003, 18:04
Actually what I've done is made a boiler room and as well as various plumbing paraphanalia from the object list there are plenty of things made from brushes. As it's all belching steam I thought it would be a good touch to have it scalding hot too.
This is my first mission so things like custom gamsys and so forth may be beyound me (unless you type...really...really...slow):)

23rd Apr 2003, 11:48
In thief 1 in the maw of chaos, there are some crystals which hurt when you touch them.
I think they were made of solid brushes.
You could have a look at how they did that.