View Full Version : Error trapping

21st Apr 2003, 20:45
Are there any tutorials or advice pages for error trapping. You know, when you've optimezed and Dromed throws a huffy fit. How do I know what to do?

21st Apr 2003, 23:43
This one is easy..
Pray to (whomever) and hope you have an earlier save backup somewhere.:D

But seriously.I haven't seen anyone write up any doc for what all those errors mean..It all really depnds on the error as to what you should do..some are easy..
out of concrete obj IDs = hit object limit
invalid rm ID = need to pathfind

Now granted this is from my experience with those errors and the fixes may be different.

22nd Apr 2003, 19:58
Some of them are programming errors ('pure virtual function called') some of them are things that the FM author did wrong (when placing an elevator, always make sure you also define TerrPoints) and some are just telling you that you have hit the limits of DromED.
In any case, the safest thing to do is to hit 'no' and exit DromED.