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21st Apr 2003, 18:45
Hi all,

does anyone know a book series called "Belisarius" written by David Drake and Eric Flint ?

The first book of the series is called "An oblique approach". Read it for free :


This is one of the most enjoyable fantasy i read this year.

In short, it is about "modern" technology concepts (not actual modern peple) being introduced to the Byzantine era warfare.

Byzantine Romans and Mesopotamic Persians battle Malwa Indians. The first battles are classical but as the story unfolds, makeshift "modern" weapons appear. For example, bamboo rockets with bronze venturi exhausts :p .... and napalm amphorae !

Add a great "General" character and you are set for a superb expansion set for Praetorians.

K. from France

PS: Read the books, they are a treat for Roman fans.

22nd Apr 2003, 15:06
'napalm amphorae ! '
LOL! what next amphora bombs? lol theyd be hard to throw though