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21st Apr 2003, 18:43
I get no sound when playing the game even though the game detects the sound card. the sound works fine untill im in the game the intro plays fine just not in the game and no its not on mute.

Any suggestions?


21st Apr 2003, 18:52
Not sure if the no sound problem has been discussed already in the forums, scan anyway to see if it has, and if you can't find an answer there, a patch is coming out that fixes a few technical issues, so maybe your answer is there.

Hope you get your sound working.

21st Apr 2003, 21:12
have you checked the game options menu to see if sound is swiched on. all so dose it list your sound card at the top of the sound screan. have you updated your drivers ?. have you updated directx. have you run dxdiag. if still no sound post back with your systom spec and windows virsion and i will try to help you.

24th Apr 2003, 03:34
Yes the sound cards name is at the top of the screen and switched on. As i said it plays the intro bit with music and sound and on every other program but not during the game.

La Tene celts
25th Apr 2003, 15:24
Had the same problem myself,
have been upgradeing various codacs on my system
installed the new Ogg Vorbis Direct show filters and sound worked perfect, I know Vorbis DLL's are included with the game maybe their a cut down version should find these with a search of google try to find the Vorbis main site for the most recent release.:)

26th Apr 2003, 02:32
I have tried running the Dxdiag program and everything came up wth no errors, but when i tried testing the sound and message came up saying my sound cant play hardware buffering it will only play software buffering.

Does this mean i need and new sound card even though sound plays fine in every other game?

27th Apr 2003, 00:00
what sound card do you have ?

27th Apr 2003, 01:31
Its an on board sound card so i dont know. something like avarace maybe.

Sound works fine with everything else though like baldurs gate2, High Heat baseball and other games.

I get sound at the intro screen but after that nothing.

27th Apr 2003, 17:58
you can try a driver or bios update from the motherboard manufactures web site or get a cheap pci sound card and disable the on board one

22nd May 2003, 04:41
I also have no sound after intro. First time played the game was fine, 2nd time no sound after intro. All other games etc. play just fine. Everything updated DX9, SB Audigy drivers. Just this one program.. Any help appreciated. This is with the patch 1.04