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21st Apr 2003, 16:58
Hello all,

i just bought the game , and i am still at mission 18.

I still cannot recruit Gladiators and Praetorians units.
I can get the Slingers though.

I am doing something wrong ??

21st Apr 2003, 17:30
No i dont think you have done anything wrong, its just as you get further along the moe units become unlockable, im not yet on mission 18 but i reckon theres nothing wrong with your game lacking the option to train Praetorians or Gladiators.
hope that helps answer question


22nd Apr 2003, 05:10
You can only produce barbarian units from those towns-not roman.

23rd Apr 2003, 21:10
I finished the mission 18 "He who dares..."

It was a tough nut to crack, but I must say i was disappointed by the AI on that one.

It seems to fall systematically into the "Lure an assault to my fortified position" tactic. I understand that this is a classic technique but regarding the AI frequent canniness in previous missions, it was disappointing.

A human oppenent would have trashed the poor player that i am.

About the special units, the Preatorians were available when i captured the top left town with my hero.

30th Apr 2003, 17:52
I supposed it has to do with the levelling up of the heroes. Both my heroes are able to recruit Praetorians by level 4. I try to keep my heroes within range of my combats nowadays so that they can pick up some experience. The best is to keep them with the archers on higher grounds. My archers are always the top killers so my heroes always gain a lot of experience with them.