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21st Apr 2003, 16:47
It was amazing the other night me and three othe freinds got together and had timesplitter multiplayer we had surround sound, a projecter tv (it's like have a tv to you self)
a multi tap, lot's of coke and crisps. It was brillent capture the bag death match it was just wow.!!!

21st Apr 2003, 17:20
Maybe finally getting a platinum in pain in the neck. Or shootin gingerbread men with their own turrets in Training grounds.

But im definitely gonna have Über fun next weekend!

No parents
Lots of beer
Lots of friends
Big tv in the living room...
and a multiplayer match of Timesplitters 2!!

21st Apr 2003, 18:12
Its like that at my place every weekend but its kinda died down now and Mario Party 4 has taking its place as the multiplayer game and soon Monkeyball 2 will raine supreame :D

Ab ^_^

22nd Apr 2003, 00:56
Best moment I've had was while playing Co-op story mode on the Wild West level. We got through it with both characters dead, as Ramona was fighting on top of the cliff above the Time Portal, got hit by a shotgun blast which killed her, but she fell off the cliff and through the portal - success!!

Second to that was completing the Space Station level (also in Co-op mode). Having played through in single-player mode I knew that Corporal Hart dies as part of the cut-scene intro for the level. When we got to the ship in co-op mode, Sergeant Cortez turned the minigun on Corporal Hart and killed her since she wasn't supposed to be there anyway! :p

Progress: 59.3% complete. working through Elite League.

22nd Apr 2003, 15:13
Go in the jungle as a monkey, against all the bots as monkeys with only flame throwers.:D

22nd Apr 2003, 17:44
Mine would have to be playing king of the hill against a buddy of mine who is almost my exact match in skill. One time after playing a 20 minute match on this map (http://www.timesplitters2.net/maps/KOTH1Bspanks.jpg), the score was 4540 to 4510 in my favor when the 10 second warning sounded. My buddy had just completed a brilliant kill with a remote mine dropped from above and had taken control of the hill. I had no chance to get back there before time would run out, so I just watched the score as the seconds clicked off. When the completion screen started to pop up, it still showed me ahead ... but then simultaneously the score clicked over giving my buddy a ten point victory. Argh!

Come to think of it that should be his best TS2 moment, not mine.

Switchblade 69
23rd Apr 2003, 12:55
that map looks hard to build
got any others?

23rd Apr 2003, 14:48
Originally posted by Switchblade 69
that map looks hard to build
got any others? I think I have 3 others posted on that site. They're all quite big**, but it shouldn't take more than a half hour to build them. Really, I think it's worth the time. I'd like to take full credit for the maps, but what makes them good is that I have a few friends who play those maps A LOT and make suggestions.

**This one (http://www.timesplitters2.net/maps/KOTH3spanks.jpg) is probably the easiest to figure out and the simplest to make. If you like the sniper rifle, you'll like it. If not, the first one is a better bet.

23rd Apr 2003, 15:10
My best TS2 moment was getting the game, really. After that it's loads of fun.

23rd Apr 2003, 17:33
I'd have to say grouping together with friends around the PS2, snacks all aligned, tearing the shrink wrap off the cover and slipping the brand new, shiny disk into the tray....

Haven't looked back since... Really...


23rd Apr 2003, 18:34
Speaking of new discs, I love the smell of factory-fresh technology. Every time my brothers, friends, and I get some new gaming tech, I'm the first one to smell it. Sniffing heaven.

I can tell when a game is old when it's lost its smell. Like TS2. I'm saying old as in I've played it a lot. No smell no mo :mad:

Unlike Guilty Gear XX, where the smell is faintly present:D

Next time you get a new controller, game, lightgun, joystick, driving wheel, mouse, keyboard, multitap, spoon, even a whole console, be sure to smell it.

Unless you don't want to get addicted to such a thing.

24th Apr 2003, 00:21
Probably having a 4 player boxing match with shrink on in one of my boxing maps!:D

24th Apr 2003, 12:50
Getting the last paltinum ofcourse!!!!! I was yelling the first 30 secondes and the rest of the day I was whistling and singing!!

Also the from-dusk-till-dawn or sometimes from dawn-till-dawn multiplayer games with 3 friends and 2 PS2's. And the onetime 16 man match I played. That is so cool; 16 player, 4 tv's 4 PS2 :D :D

24th Apr 2003, 15:13
Damn, I wish I were able to link up. But noooo! my friend had to get the GAMECUBE version whereas I have the PS2 version! ARGH:mad:

And my neighbor got the XBOX version whereas I have the PS2 version! :mad: :p :mad:

Spungitis -- it's not a disease! What is it?

Actually, these are my worst TS2 moments.

26th Apr 2003, 09:58
I'm so excited!

And I just can't hide it!!!

I've just beaten Atom Smasher on Hard and I think I like it!!!!!

I thought I should mention this here as this has just become my best TS2 moment :D

26th Apr 2003, 10:55
My greatest TS2 moment is getting 100%

19th Dec 2003, 00:16
Just resurecting this old thread. :cool:

19th Dec 2003, 19:00
Me and a friend were doing a multiplayer deathmatch, on the chasm level.
Well, we were both kind of equal in the killing part. But he started to get ahead of me. When he killed me, he was taking so much joy out of it, that he didn't even realise where he was going...well, lets say it's good to include suicides in the scor counter :D

24th Dec 2003, 16:08
Picking off your friend with a sniper rifle after he is bragging about how he is going to beat you.

24th Dec 2003, 16:12
Originally posted by tyrantyoshi
Picking off your friend with a sniper rifle after he is bragging about how he is going to beat you.

samne thing happens with me every time some fresh meat comes along and trys to take me down:cool:

capt. Forestzombie
24th Dec 2003, 18:01
I try to get every one ina clutch and then killem with a grenade launcher.:D :D :D :D

26th Dec 2003, 16:54
OK, Just last night I had my best moment. After trying and trying dozens and dozens of time to beat the challenge 'TimeSplitters Story 'Classic' Mode; But Where Do The Batteries Go?' I finally beat it! And to even top it I got a Platinum!! That rocked.


16th Jan 2004, 04:45
when I fully realized the map editors potential, and went on to design the badd-assiest maps out there.

16th Jan 2004, 12:13
Picture the scene.....six players ...five TV's.....two teams of Three in the Chasam......each team has to stick to one side....if you dye and regenerate you have to go back to your own side...you can't be shot while on the other side...its not till your half way across the bridge that you can be fired at...Anyway back to the plot...I am on the top floor of the nice clean side....in the room on the far left as you are looking out....I spot Brady boy running down below...heading from the far right down to the left....I take aim with the rocket launcher...aim about ten feet in front of him...and fire...I watch as he runs to his certain death.....as he goes through the door...WHAM....rocket to the face out of no where....

So many moments but this is one that is quite fresh as it was only the other night...

16th Jan 2004, 14:10
When I finally got my 16.0 Sec. time on "Escape from Neo Tokyo" and my 1700 points score on "Pick yer piece". :)