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10th Apr 2013, 13:02
I have to get ahold of the call center rather than chat for support due to chat not being any help whatsoever. Does anyone know how long they are to be down for? Is this due to staffing changes/possible customer support training to better serve the community?

10th Apr 2013, 13:47
[SQUARE ENIX Customer Service] 310-846-0345

May I ask about the details of you issue?

10th Apr 2013, 17:47
Would really like to speak on the phone with someone rather than public about the issue with my account...chat agent Thomas would not forward me to a supervisor to try to further remedy my issue.

14th Apr 2013, 23:37
Gravity, any idea if the call center is going to re-open anytime soon?

15th Apr 2013, 02:39
I was informed of this [the fact that SQUARE ENIX North America will no longer offer phone support] only a few hours ago. Users will from now on be asked to contact customer service via the

[SQUARE ENIX Support Center] support.na.square-enix.com/?utm_source=f... (http://support.na.square-enix.com/?utm_source=footer)

15th Apr 2013, 11:46
Considering chat support keeps giving me the run around I guess my account will never see the light of day again. How awesome..

19th Apr 2013, 22:36
Hello fellow members of Square Enix. How do you do? Just a few days ago I found out that phone support is gone, and it seems it won't be coming back. I normally don't have any problems with these types of decisions, but with SE I do.

Why you ask? The answer is a simple one: using only chat support and e-mail support is not acceptable.

Now, with good chat customer service this would not be a problem. You could go on, wait your turn in line, chat with a nice human being, and get your problems solved with no fuss.

However, as I'm sure many of you already know, chat support simply doesn't get the job done. I'm sure you all know of Jennifer? The agent who's seemingly looking for a way to cut you off, making you wait in line for another agent only to get her again. Is she the only person working at chat support? I've heard of stories from other people who get her, and their answers are all alike - she's a horrible representative of SE. I've also read about people who get other agents, all with similar results.

E-mails are fine, but only acceptable if the problem is not big. Have a question that can be answered in one reply? No problem. Once you have a problem that will take more than a couple e-mails, though, it simply takes too long.

So, all I'm asking is that people who agree we should have phone service back, simply reply in this thread stating you think we should have phone service back.

I realize this is a long shot, and the chances they bring back phone support is extremely slim, but why not try? I like SE and their games, but I don't think limiting their customer service support is the right direction. If anything, get rid of chat and bring back phones.

Who knows? Maybe this will make a difference.

20th Apr 2013, 09:48
I will pass on your concerns.

20th Apr 2013, 23:23
I will pass on your concerns.

I do hope you are sincere about this and not just saying it.

There are quite a few of us here who are irate about not being able to access our accounts. We just want to be able to access our account. I think if we can answer 3/4 or 2/3 of the questions you have we should be able to reclaim our account.

Especially if we have access to the e-mail the account is attached to. I just want to play FF14 ARR....is that so much to ask T_T?

19th Aug 2013, 08:25

So after navigating the support forums for a while, browsing google endlessly for a solution I decided to just give SE a call. Only to find out that I can't find a phone number anywhere. Anyone knows the support number for the EU region?

27th Apr 2014, 09:15
Shouldn't i be able to call the number , when i dial it nothing happens.

28th Apr 2014, 17:48
I hope this may help any problems you or anyone else may have:

Phone: 858-790-7529
How to reach a live person:
Wait for initial message to complete and the main menu will begin. ( there will be a brief pause )

Press 3
Hours of Operation:
Mon-Fri: 9am-6pm PST

This is customer support for Play Online and Final Fantasy XI / XIV. You have to contact them if you need to retrieve your Play Online or Square Enix ID -- there's no automated process. They also have live chat and email-based support that is open during the same hours, accessible from their support pages.

28th Apr 2014, 18:18
Der super moderator grimoire ,

I must be desperate to approach you... But I really am...

As you well know , SE support is down due to unknown technical difficulties. I have also experienced a different technical difficulty on my own... In explicable even... On the online ios Deadman cross.

I recently experienced a disappearance of my average yang level 60 that I newly obtained from a trade with a buddy Emp/bomb. I was boosting it when the screen when black and then next I know, no more yang?! The game reload then.

I need some assiatance to recover the yang that I went to great means to obtain...

Kindly point my mail to the right person so that I can begin this process of recovery.

Any help wld be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

29th Apr 2014, 06:47
I am afraid that other than giving the support center a call, there is not much else to do at the moment. I'll keep an eye out for further updates and will notify you all as soon as cs is up and running again.

Edit: Have you tried out chat support yet? If you're from Europe, it should be up and running again.

19th Sep 2016, 17:12
does anyone knows square enix's contact number or chat support? i have an existing order which i wanted to cancel for a month now since shipment was keeping delayed for months,i emailed and after a month of back and forth i was giving a link to central customer support http://support.na.square-enix.com but it has no link to customer service whatsoever,and i checked my order and this order has been erased!! (good thing i have print a copy of this order !!),can anyone help?