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21st Apr 2003, 00:18
I find the forum a great help, but I'm now hopelessly stuck on War of Attrition. Have got 2 wagons to forts but keep getting thrashed trying to deliver last wagon.

Mark OHearn
22nd Apr 2003, 12:46
This one was fun because of the change in pace. The mission I am on now is a combination of defending a fortress, sending a wagon to enlist help, and then moving troops from a beach area.

Anyway, in War of Attrition, go to the village to the northwest, then to the other one in the east (opposite side). Only go to the village in the north at the end.

First time I tried this one I got slaughtered too trying to deliver the wagon to the last village. Instead of engaging in battle, setup a strong fortified defence at the crossroads to the south of the village. A couple of towers and seige weapons. Make sure you have medics and scouts to extend range. There is a small hill at your back that's great for seige/tower. Hide your legions in woods on hold until overrun.

You will need to bait your enemies out of the woods - centurians are good for this use. Afterwards, send a centurian up to the last village, then after some trash talk, a calvary troop and the remaining army decends. Make sure you have repaired your towers and are ready for this onslaught. Trying to fight this army hand to hand is a lost cause without a strong fortified setup at the crossroad.

There are archers and a medic on a hill to the northeast of your position (i.e., crossroads); you can take them out with calvary or legions, but only after you have setup (just in case it causes an early onslaught that you are not ready for).

Goodluck, Roman - Do it for our General Caesar!

26th Apr 2003, 00:04
Thanks for your help Mark. I finally finished this mission. The towers worked perfectly.
Nice one

1st May 2003, 09:43
I did this on Normal and the key is to preserve your troops. Make sure you only engage your german calvary when the area is safe. I tried to avoid the forests to keep away from the hunters. Make sure you have your spearmen to guard the back as I noticed that you always get assaulted by mounted archers at the back. Move at a steady pace and follow the guide's path.

17th May 2003, 04:35
I did this mission on hard - the previous poster Mark OHearn pretty much outlined the strategy that also worked for me.

Some things I did that might be useful for others:

a) At start, hotkey your units by type (legion, archers, etc.) so you can quickly position them and assign your hero to the German cavalry. Be quick. Get wolfscouts into forests north and west (your left) to avoid enemies from the east.

b) Move north immediately and avoid unnecessary losses with nearby enemies to the east. I used my hero and German cavalry to charge any enemies my scouts found. Awesome attack: must charge but at end game I had something like 100+ kills for each German cavalry troop with zero cavalry losses.

c) The northern outpost has a physician: you really need this guy. Heal up before moving out. Your troops block the supply convoy's path so they don't get wiped out. Head for the eastern outpost.

d) After the eastern outpost, head for the crossroads, and the rest has already been described. Fortify with towers, ready your archers, and lure the enemy to their deaths.

Even at "hard", this is one of the easier missions.