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19th Apr 2003, 17:54
Hi all,

I am new on these forums. I've checked the messages about trouble missions in Praetorians and it seems like there is always that mission 'He who dares' that gets mentioned. I am stuck just after that mission - at least I think, it's mission 11, not 18 here ... am I missing something?

Anyway, in mission 12 Homecoming you are given a small army under Cassius banner trying to flee to the city in the top left of the map. You are being followed by a lot of Parthan cavalry while you have cavalry to counter them. I can make it alive (barely) to the city but then you are to expel the partian and nabean tribes? With what? You only get a few squads of cavalry and you can't recruit new troops. Any help is welcome.

21st Apr 2003, 17:41
I'm with you on this one. I didn't find "Who dares..." too bad. You just had to be careful and let him come to your defensive positions.

In "Homecoming", I haven't even found any cavalry like you mentioned. Where are they?

22nd Apr 2003, 02:45
I just finished this one and, once you get the trick, it's not too bad. You have to sneak along the western portion of the map as best you can with minimum losses. Once you've rebuilt the bridge, then take over the nearby town and you'll be able to boost your forces before a major onslaught. Once you're past that, you can move up to Antioch and the rest should just be a mop up operation.

23rd Apr 2003, 17:40
Thanks Gino,

I was having problems because I missed the passage to the west. After your advice I redid teh mission and it went much smoother that way :D

Thanks again!

24th Apr 2003, 12:56
i just got past 'He Who Dares' took a while, good mission I thought, i ended up with:
anyway now im on home coming I think its damn tough, first try I waited to long before deciding what to do and the parthians killed em at the beginning.

I treid it again however and got to Antioch, but I dstroyed hte other town earlier that was across the river with camel archers =/ perhaps i souldnt have done this becuase when i went to explore more with the soldiers you get from Antioch I lost everyone.


30th Apr 2003, 17:47
I did this mission on Normal and is still doing it but I am past the difficult part. I started by selecting the whole army of mine and hurried across the bridge where I meet my allies. Make sure you keep your priest alive, he is crucial to my army. I managed to keep minimal losses with my priest. I sent my archers to clear out the enemies across the bridge before rebuilding it. Once across, I scouted to get rid of the enemies in the trees. I did some extras by sending a legions up the slope overlooking the town while I rushed the rest of my army to the city.

Once there, I send some Camel Riders, my legions and archers to join the legion overlooking the town. I had my archers destory the bridge just in case and send them burning the town. I had a tower built just below the slope and once the enmies come, rush their archers with the riders. The rest will be fairly easy. I am now going to mop up the rest of the enemies.