View Full Version : Waterfall trick on the Training Grounds? Where is the Shrink powerup?

19th Apr 2003, 17:01
Guys, I've wanted to do the Training Grounds waterfall trick for a LONG time. So, I start a Deathmatch (without any bots) and I select Monkey as my player. But when I start, I can't find one Shrink powerup!! I've looked everywhere, but I can't find one! All I can find is a Speed powerup next to the waterfall. Can someone PLEASE tell me where the shrink powerup is on the Training Grounds? I really want to do the waterfall trick... :( :( :(

Thanks for the help...

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19th Apr 2003, 18:23
Im not sure if there is an Shrink powerup, but if you start a shrink-game and get killed alot , you'll get small enough to get inside (or outside)

Switchblade 69
22nd Apr 2003, 11:12
talkin bout hidden things, i was playin a challenge at the scrapyard with the sentry bots and chassis bots. anyway i was to the right of the entrance of the complex and i discovered a room which had no5 weapon and max damage.
ive since not found it again and wondered if it had to do with the circle in the middle of the level. anyone else seen this room or know how to access it again??

Century Bot
22nd Apr 2003, 15:19
Originally posted by RedXevious
Guys, I've wanted to do the Training Grounds waterfall trick for a LONG time.

I did exactly the same thing - I though the waterfall trick was a wind-up. After trying several Arcade Custom set ups I realised that you need to play a shrink game (probably) as monkey.

It does work - but you do need to line yourself up with the middle of the cave - it took me a couple of tries.

drako the duck
29th Apr 2003, 02:56
Does anyone know if that is only on game cube or dose it work on ps2 also.


29th Apr 2003, 06:15
it works on ps2