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19th Apr 2003, 02:44
Mission 18-He Who Dares-IS IMPOSSIBLE-their is no way you can gather enough troops to fight the enemy so im going to need to know how to change the files to get past it. I heard someone say that they changed the files in the main folder and that they could get past it. I need to know how to do this. One guy said-some people are just not good at strategy. Wrong i am very good-this mission is just stupidly hard. I have been stuck on this level for 1 month-

19th Apr 2003, 04:12
I found the SAVE GAME-cheat, but cant get it to work. Ive put it into my PRAETORIANS main folder but that didn't work-WHERE THE HELL DO I PUT IT.

19th Apr 2003, 11:59
If you got a folder called Dokuments (something like that), look there.
I bet you got a folder in there called Praetorians >> Savegames .

Try to drop ur savegame file there.

19th Apr 2003, 12:57
Yeah, your save games are in the My Documents folder.

20th Apr 2003, 11:43

27th Apr 2003, 21:02

i was stuck quite a long time on that mission but i finally cracked it. On the three difficulties

The secret is to give up trying to storm the enemy town or even to get to Lucan.

South of the middle town is a high ground. Just fortify there with defence towers and keep your cavalry safe. Concentrate all your forces there. Do not hesitate to convert baba squads to auxilairies.

With the high ground and the towers, your archers will dominate the field. Keep the legionnaires turtled and healed. The babas do not fight at all.

FORTIFY so that you can repel two successive waves. KEEP your healer alive !!!!

When you are all set, then use a cav hero to taunt for attacks (if you have a squad of cav archery it also helps. Just do not get stuck in a fight.

After five or six waves (...) the flow of enemues will trickle away, then send your arch cav to burn the garrison and retreat them.

last, send the saved up babas to take the middle town. The rest is a breeze...

Now i just have to crack "War in the mountains"...gosh this one is hard.