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17th Apr 2003, 21:44
I have a fairly old computer that has all of the requirements that are on the box. 3d accelerator and all. When I try to run the game, it flickers a black screen and goes back to windows. I go into the setup (or configuration, whatever) and there is no resolution that I can click on. The resolution that my windows screen is on is 16 true colours (High Color). I dunno what I need to do.

It would be greatly appreciated!


18th Apr 2003, 16:34
That has nothing to do with it....FF7 was made for Win95 and a TNT card. So it takes some setting up to get it to work with anything else.....even the Geforce cards.

What OS are you using......You'll have to do some searching for tips on getting it to run in XP....Win2000 is the hardest to get it to run on....I think for XP you just need to set it up to run in Win98 compatibility mode. I don't have XP, so I can't help you there. With Win2000 there are problems with Service Pack 3 compatibility. I think it only works with SP2; and you have to download a win98 compatibility patch or something.

You should try getting it to work in Softwaremode, before tackling Hardware mode.

You may need to install the mediaplayer codec for the game....it should be in the install disk....there should be an option in loading mediaplayer when the install cd autoruns. If it still won't show the opening movie, download the upsidedown patch.

Link to Hardware mode instructions....you should use the latest detonator drivers. Older drivers, won't work using this methiod...by old, I mean, 21.xx and below. there is another way to get those old drivers to work...but why bother, explaining it.

19th Apr 2003, 01:54
Hey thanz Rengar. I'll have to try those ideas. I am using windows 98 just in case u need to know

20th Apr 2003, 00:00
Well, then you shouldn't have any problems....and if you do, I can definity get it working....you are using a Geforce card, right?

20th Apr 2003, 20:14
I just found out that my computer may not be able to run the game. I checked my video card and it says S3 Trio64V+PCI (765). I have no clue what that means but I assume that it isn't good.

Do u know of any hacks that would make my computer think that I have the right stuff or do u have a better sollution?

20th Apr 2003, 20:29
I forgot to mention (or maybe I didn't, I don't know), in the FFVII Configuration, when I go to the resolutions, they are all grey shaded and it is already in primary software mode and the other default one. I'm starting to think I don't have the 3d accelerator.:mad:

21st Apr 2003, 02:29
....I don't think S3's are supported...

Guess your stuck with Softwaremode.

That is unless you want to spend about 20 dollars on a PCI-TNT card, and hope that the video card that you have installed isn't intergrated into the motherboard. Lot's of times intergrated video can't be disabled....and you'll get a hardware conflict when adding another card. If the video isn't intergrated and is in fact a PCI-card, an upgrade to a PCI-TNT card is possible.

Boy, your computer has got to be pretty old, if it is using a PCI card. That probably means that you don't have an AGP slot. Which means you can't upgrade to a newer Geforce card

21st Apr 2003, 11:43
That's alright. The computer is like 6 years old so i didn't expect it to run in 3d mode. I was looking at the box and it says it will run with 166MHz if you don't have a video card and I have 166MHz. The only problem that I am having now is that even in software mode I am unable to chose a screen resolution, they are all greyshaded. Do u know what to do?

By the way, who makes my old video card anyways?:confused:

21st Apr 2003, 11:59
Originally posted by destroyerxteme21
I just found out that my computer may not be able to run the game. I checked my video card and it says S3 Trio64V+PCI (765). I have no clue what that means but I assume that it isn't good.

Do u know of any hacks that would make my computer think that I have the right stuff or do u have a better sollution?
S3 trio64....it is not capable to handle most old d3d games. I have a S3 virgeDX card, and it can only handle Tomb Raider2 under 640x480:rolleyes:

If you don't use winxp, you may want to buy a second-hand voodoo card...like voodoo2,voodoo3 2000 pci, and it is useful to play old dx6 games like ff7pc without any compatibility problem.

If you prefer nvidia's cards,I know geforce 2 mx has pci version. But it is better to use gf3ti200 or above to play ff7pc. Because geforce2 still lacks 8bit texture support, you may encounter some problems. Although TNT patch solves 8bit texture support problem, fonts in ff7 may show wrong color with old Detonator...

21st Apr 2003, 13:56
I don't want it to run in 3d mode cause i know that my computer wouldn't be able to handle it anyway. All I need is to be able to get a working screen resolution. In FFVII Configuration, all of the resolution types are grey so I can't click on any of them. That is the only problem and it will work. Do I need to change my computer display so that it will work?

21st Apr 2003, 14:20
Maybe you should list your hardware first, like the brand of your cpu, the mother board, and sound card.

Old S3 trio64 is one problem, but it should be possible to run the game under 320x240 full screen or 640x480 quarter screen in software mode....

The ram on your video card may be another factor (I guess)....I know some S3 trio64 cards only equip 2MB memory. My S3 virgeDX equips 4MB memory so I could play ff7 under software mode...

21st Apr 2003, 15:19
If they are completely greyed out.....I don't think your video card is compatible with FF7.....it's probably too short on memory, like halo says.

21st Apr 2003, 16:22
Alright, thanx anyway. I dunno what I'm gonna do.

22nd Apr 2003, 16:32
??? guess you can search around for an old Voodoo2 card. That thing is compatible with older computers, especially those with intergrated video...If your video isn't intergrated, just pick up an old TNT2 card.

24th Apr 2003, 19:20
Thanx for the help. It don't matter n e more cause i think i'm getting a laptop with 64 ram. Not the best but it'll run the game and others.:p :p :p

24th Apr 2003, 19:23
I wouldn't get too excited, FF7PC has a lot of problems running on laptops.

Like, what else is new....

29th Apr 2003, 03:11
intel celeron 1200mhz
256mb ram
OS:windows xp (2000 on another HDD)
intel chipset 82830m (830m)
directx 8 (i have 9 installed on another computer)
xp patch
new ff7config.exe
updated intel graphics controller driver

Problem: i am trying to Play FF7 on my computer. It is a laptop but i was able to play it with out having the 8-bit paletted textures fail. i played it before and it was just beautiful graphics.

i uninstalled it for a while to clean my hard drive, when i reinstalled in full i started playing and it looked like the characters where made out of MOSAICS.

i attempted to run it in compatablility with windows 95/98 it wouldnt work

am i over looking something?

29th Apr 2003, 14:49
"updated intel graphics controller driver"

You updated your video driver?

Either anti-aliasing is on, or some other option inside the driver, needs to be disabled or enabled, or the newer driver just isn't comptatible.