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17th Apr 2003, 02:45
How do i get the multi-tap to work?
I followed the multi-tap box but it doesnt work.

drako the duck
17th Apr 2003, 04:52
You just stick it in. It should be really easy.

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17th Apr 2003, 19:22
it doesnt work though

19th Apr 2003, 02:14
there are letters on the multitap. A, B, C, D. A is first player, B second, etc.. Are you sure you plugged it into the first port of the PS2?

I don't know. If you got all that down it might be defective.

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19th Apr 2003, 07:21
put multi-tap in controller port 1,
mem card in slot a,
1st player controller in port A,
then the rest of the controllers in the other ports,
and... still not working!!!
Thats stinks, I just bought it too!:mad: :mad:

19th Apr 2003, 23:41
What brand of a multi-tap is it? If its a sony and it was originaly for the PS1 then it will NOT work. If its for the PS2 and its a sony it will NOT work for the PS1. There are also different kinds of 'taps that call for different kinds of hookup. To know exactly whats wrong we need to know what plat its for, what brand, and does it have the thing where you plug the mem card into the system or the 'tap.

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20th Apr 2003, 17:05
its a sony for ps2 and it does have the mem card thing

20th Apr 2003, 18:27
If you can, try it on a friend's ps2 and if still nothing take it back to the shop and tell them you cant get it to work!

Ab ^_^

21st Apr 2003, 06:59
Maybe it's unofficial.
Unofficial things suck.

21st Apr 2003, 09:53
They dont just suck! Its because the ps2 (and xbox) have a TCPA checking thing in there which checks if its official or not and if not it might not run it as well or might not run it at all which forces you to buy the official stuff :mad:

Lots of companies are doing it in thier products eg.

On some printers if you use unofficial ink cartridges thew printer will only use 1/4 of its dpi (printing quality) and will drain out the cartridge twice as fast.

Its really stupid and I hope someone stops it before it gets out of hand :(

If you wanna know more go to www.againsttcpa.com

On the other hand its true 3rd party stuff doesnt last as long and doesnt work as well but what do you expect for the price you pay?

Ab ^_^

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21st Apr 2003, 20:20
but its official

23rd Apr 2003, 18:35
I have a "madcats" multitap and it works good for me. I dont see why yours isnt working. My PS2 is an old one two, so I'm guessing it might be your multitap.:confused: