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16th Apr 2003, 16:52
How do you become a moderator???? Just wondering I don't want to be one. Sorry If you have to move this I just don't know where else to put it. Oh yeah... what's a spoiler???
I'll see what it is down below

uhhhhhh moooooooo

16th Apr 2003, 16:53

16th Apr 2003, 19:34
A spoiler is something that reveals the plot of any given media without you seeing it for yourself. For example, if someone tells a person the ending of a film it spoils the experience for the first-time viewer.

As for becoming a moderator I'm not sure. Pure luck I'd say :D

16th Apr 2003, 22:14
thanks for the info! :D

Grey Mouser
24th Dec 2003, 18:00
Originally posted by Blood_Havoc9675
How do you become a moderator????

uhhhhhh moooooooo

(paraphrasing from Fight Club)

"The First Rule of being a Moderator is...you don't talk about being a Moderator! The Second Rule of being a Moderator is: You Don't Talk About Being A Moderator!"

And so on... ;)

As far as spoilers go, as noted it is considered good gaming etiquette to NOT reveal any important plot-points of a given game, and the spoiler tag is for use when you really need a particular question answered but do not want to spoil the game for your fellow gamers.

And oh yeah...Welcome to the Forums!