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16th Apr 2003, 10:59
Like the evil movie zombies that burst out of their graves, i have returned to you once again.

remember, i was here ages ago?
i did nothing of note and occasionally made witty comments?

well anyway, to make a long story short, ive rediscovered StarTopia and decided to revisit my old...er...aquaintances at the ST Forum.

so i dont wanna hear anybody calling me a n00b, got that?
im older than this forum, ya know.

16th Apr 2003, 11:01
Hello. I am, or was rather the oldest member. As soon as I find my old website...

16th Apr 2003, 18:49
Exitium = Dracoraptor

Arctic_Wolf = The Coolest guy in the multiverse :D

16th Apr 2003, 19:20
MunkeeChum = Your Handy Senior Member and The Startopia League Founder



EDIT: Bugger, I think my host has gone down :(

L Croft
16th Apr 2003, 20:50
L Croft = the tomb raider who is here because because *wanders off to think of a reason*

16th Apr 2003, 20:54
kool_kats_rule= Incredibly random person.

16th Apr 2003, 23:06
Arctic_Wolf: The Coolest guy in the multiverse :D & Trend Setter

Medical Grey
17th Apr 2003, 04:51
Medical Grey:
Former social guy.
Maker of new Rpg.
Currently: A lone psycopath intent on slaughtering those who laugh at his rpgs and fanfics.

17th Apr 2003, 08:52
Arraxis = Newbie :D

L Croft
17th Apr 2003, 18:45
Originally posted by Arraxis
Arraxis = Newbie :D
aww, and just to point out I am a senior member now :D

Originally posted by Arctic_Wolf
Arctic_Wolf: The Coolest guy in the multiverse & Trend Setter
lol, you have good ideas

Originally posted by Medical Grey
Currently: A lone psycopath intent on slaughtering those who laugh at his rpgs and fanfics.
*writes down 'do not laugh at Medical Grey' *

18th Apr 2003, 22:08
Master_Ryan= the annoying noob that posts semi-spam, i mean PERFECTLY GOOD THINGS! YEA!

edit: Oh forgot, i run my site, its tripod sooo...

Medical Grey
19th Apr 2003, 04:56
As i have been rebuffed off the main rpg, Arctic wolf can expect several spies and a bomb.

19th Apr 2003, 12:12
Like your spies and bombs can possibly threaten me. GUARDS! Get him!

*Wanted sign appears above medical grey and 13 Gors, 8 Salt-Hogs, 9 Greys and 15 Targs, all wielding weapons begin chasing it across waystation zeta-plural*

Arctic Wolf: The Coolest guy in the multiverse :D & Trendsetter & commander of Waystation Zeta-Plural's security Forces :p

L Croft
19th Apr 2003, 17:41
*bows to Artic*

20th Apr 2003, 05:46
Sunrise= some stupid idoit who sits i the corner and crys when it gets too hard.

Senor v2
21st Apr 2003, 08:18
Senor v2= Me

21st Apr 2003, 17:14
Originally posted by Sunrise
Sunrise= some stupid idoit...

and his spelling agrees, ;)

2nd May 2003, 13:44
Overmind= StarCraft defector, StarTopia fan to the power infinity, StarTopia pep-talker, occasional mission-creator.

3rd May 2003, 05:53
Hi! I'm Hand-E-Food. I have too many opinions and I can't stick to them. Welcome... for now.

17th Jul 2003, 08:59
Madturraken = The guy who watched the forum work for a while before joining & a grammar and spelling master who, ironically, spelt 'turakken' in his name wrong :mad: .

17th Jul 2003, 18:00
dhama...... well just dhama from day 1 of Eidos forums.... not sure if i'm alive though :confused: :eek:

17th Jul 2003, 23:39
Davidg: Poster of things, and reader of posts. Please bow and wipe your feet, before approaching.

Medical Grey
18th Jul 2003, 09:48
Medical Grey: Now almost completly sane! Still slaughtering though.
Current Status: Eating another grey.