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16th Apr 2003, 08:19
My girl just bought me this game since we both enjoy playing co-op. games. We really like the game after a few levels but got stuck in Neo Tokyo. Something about following a hacker to a hideout, but when we follow this particular character, she starts shooting at us. Once our cover has been blown, it is hard to follow her when your dodging her bullets. We are also open to any other tips that will help us get the most out of this game. We're not looking for cheets since the games are so expensive so we would rather get our moneys worth. Also , whats this map thing all about? Can we ignore it, or is it essential to the gameplay? Appreciate all responses

16th Apr 2003, 10:55
Welcome, and hello! :D

You need to make sure you don't get spotted. Just lag behind the hacker a bit; she always goes the same way... follow her but don't get too close, don't shoot her, and don't get your guns out, cos the civvies get scared and tell the po-lice!!

You can use the map thingy (temporal uplink) to see which way cameras and people are facing (MGS styleee) but to be honest, on easy it won't make that much difference as all you need to do is NOT get spotted by the hacker.

Bonne courage.


19th Apr 2003, 11:04
easy mode on ts2 is apsolutely unbelievable, the levels take bout 5 mins.

heres how i did it u jump off the bit u start on and go left till u get 2 and alleyway go in there and jump down in2 the sewers eventually u get 2 a brudge hide under the bridge and wait 4 her after that its pretty easy, o and watch the laptop usin the camera 1nce ure inside 2 get the door code

20th Apr 2003, 07:06
Crouch and hide behind the stairs in 2 player. it saves haveing to restart

22nd Apr 2003, 19:54
The trickyest part though, is when you follow her to the end of her journey. There's a doorway guarded by laser beams. You need to follow her through this. BE WARNED. There is a person to the left on the other side of the lasers in a room. If she sees you, your done. As soon as she comes out and joins the person your'e following (Crayola) run into the room she was in. Make shure their backs are turned. Dont doddle, or the laser wall will go back up, and your screwed. Once your in there, use the cameras.... It may take a few times to get itright. Shure took me a few. Good luck on it. I know this mission is a pain in the dereiair. (just wait till you do it on normal!):cool:

24th Apr 2003, 15:15
I liked NeoTokyo...just two tries, the first one I died right in front of the portal!

The stealth...I guess it reminds me of all the realistic games. If they're gonna have stealth, please let us modify the damage!