View Full Version : Fog of War.

15th Apr 2003, 20:30
Just have a small question.

Are there anyway to remove fog of war playing campaing?

Another thing, i read behind the cover of this game that you get to control all 3 "armys". Dosnt say if this is in campaing or..
Then here a few days ago i read on another forum that "its to bad you dont get to play all but Roman empire"

Is this true?
You only get to play Roman Empire in the campaing? :(


15th Apr 2003, 23:12
You can cantrol any of the 3 empires (whatever you call them)
but only in multiplayer and skirmish

In the campaign you get a few units from the other civs, like some german cavalry or noblemen, etc.

15th Apr 2003, 23:27
Getting bored playing Roman's only in singleplayer at the moment. And not much into multiplayer nor skirmish. Oh well ...


16th Apr 2003, 08:44
I would like to see an add-on in about a year or so just giving you a barbarian or egyptian campaign, I know those sides were dominated by Rome, but something like "Fall of an empire" would be ncie to see. Maybe have other figures from the time as other people have said.