View Full Version : Automap Tutorial - now online

15th Apr 2003, 19:19
Finally got round to putting up the final version of my Automap Tutorial.

Automap Tutorial (http://www.rcl-software.org.uk/thief/dromed/automaptutorial.html)

15th Apr 2003, 23:23
and so becuase you made the tutorial, im gonna do an auto map in my next level. hey im doing it for you man! :D

Origami Banana
17th Apr 2003, 08:33
What is an automap???:( :(

17th Apr 2003, 11:38
In thief 1, it simply shows you where you are on the map.

In Thief II, it also shows you which areas you have visited, and can reveal new details on the map as you explore each area.