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Mark OHearn
15th Apr 2003, 17:41
As I near the completion of this game, and can look back to some great fun online over the last month or so, I continue to be really amazed, along with many other gamers here, about this strange thing called Praetorians.

Every couple of days - o.k., I'll come clean - just about every day I come to this board - the only English one I know of - to see if something new is happening. Nothing. Yes there is talk about an upcoming English fan site - there are some good German and Spanish ones out there. And, yes, a patch that will address networking issues.

I have e-mailed Pyro a couple of times now regarding patches, addons, map editors, anything. I know Athos shares this longing.

This is a really great game with a lot more potential. A map editor would be a great tool for gamers, especially online play. While I am happy with the present product, it's not hard to imagine how this game could be expanded to provide an even richer gameplay experience.

There are a ton of other gaming studios (I suspect) who could only wish to have this quality game under their control, and even many more producers who would like to profit from it.

I took a look at the Total War series, and their upcoming Total War: Rome some have mentioned - it looks very good, although the graphics of their previous titles aren't as nice of Praetorians (perhaps poor screenshots - I don't know). The graphics of Praetorians are fantastic, and certainly can be further enriched with a sequel/addons. Plus, I don't know of anything that let's gamers concentrate on battles like this game.

What's going on? It's a strange business, as there is a community wanting to emerge with this game, but it is as if Pyro studios has moved on to biggger and better things. What a loss to strategy gamers and to the producers.

The Age of Empires series has been around for a very long time, and is still going strong (i.e., $$) with addons and sequels. This game has the same potential.

Marketing is almost none existent. Pyro/Eidos despite yourselves a growing number of gamers are waiting for the kind of support and future they believe this game warrants. At last, I'm afraid that this great gem will be a memory a few months from now - and that's a real shame :(

15th Apr 2003, 22:36
I can only agree. In 20 years of gaming (yes I am 31) I have never seen such an appallingl effort for a gaming community. The official sites are an absolute joke - and that is probably why the online community is so weak. Hardly anyone has heard of this game other than by a few totally bland magazine adds and mainly the strength of the demo. Are they relying on gamespy to sell this for them? TBH Fileplanet has done more for this games growth than the publishers. I just can't beleive that such a good game is going to be ruined like this - if the community is not encouraged in the games first 8 months it will die. Maybe they dont really care about a community - just want quick sales based on the campaign mode (possibly why they made little effort with the multiplayer mode and netcode)'
Compared to the massive online support of games like Warcraft3 and all other similar games - this really is poor.
Maybe its because Eidos just want to look to the console market for easy money ? TBH I am amazed and disappointed that this forum is just about all there is for English speaking players...I mean ther is more online content for emulator roms of games that are 15 years old than this..

15th Apr 2003, 23:07
I have to agree with these things....
I am sorely disapointed in these matters when a great games come out, and then 3 months later they are either no longer on the hard drive or.....well the cd would be collecting dust because of it no longer being used...

The thing that gets me is that this is a strategy game, and.....
Every successful strategy game (actually I'm going off of the Age of Empire series) had a map editor, which allowed countless hours of replayability. Even if it was slapping 200 mamelukes on a blank map and facing them off against 200 cataphracts just for kicks, it was fun (don't ask how bored I was when I did that...)

Or, take Conquest of the New World by interplay...I don't know if anyone remembers this game but it is something like 7-8 years old...and I still play this game....
Why? Cause it has a map editor.....and I like to place a bunch of war temples around where the natives start and then kick the crap out of the Europeans...

Again I digress...

Basically my whole point is that without a map editor the game fails in the long run.

16th Apr 2003, 06:41
It would be great if Pyro would release a map-editor but the changes that they do that are very small. Pyro has never released any kind of editor for their commandos games (although some people managed/are busy) could make some mods.

16th Apr 2003, 08:57
The main thing the developers need to be aiming for is replayability, AOE series, War/Starcraft, probably the most popular(Sales and online fans) strategy games for a long time. They all had map editors, CnC games never had map editors, but the developers helped in the design of mods and released map packs.

Just by acknowledging that there is a large community out there would make people feel better. I love the game, but mods/maps keep the interest in a game going for a few more years.

17th Apr 2003, 01:11
:) I'm pleased with the game, but I strongly agree that Praetorians needs a map editor if it is going to have long-term replayability. Already I've fought at least twice (and often much more) on each skirmish map.

Map Editors, random map generators, add-ons, they can raise any game just a bit higher: good goes to great, great goes to superb.

We wouldn't be the first fans of a game to feel that the word was getting out. It may be that this particular niche (Roman era RTS games) just isn't going to be much bigger than it already is. What more could Eidos do? Just askin'

17th Apr 2003, 08:34
Well That Better Act Before RTW Comes Out Otherwise They Will Have A Very Steep Uphill Battle To Keep PRAETORIANS Above Water.