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15th Apr 2003, 11:15
About all the issue over cd-copying, why dont software companies use keys like some companies use.

2 years back, I had to help GIS guys work on some projects, the program they use costs a lot, and It is released with "keys" that fitted in the back of your pc over a printer port, it still allowed you to use your printer, but without a key you couldnt use the program. That would make game-copying/downloading impossible. Having numbers on a cd seems to be pointless as in half an hour anyone can get any key needed just by using the net.

Sorry if this violated the rules, I dont think it did, and am trying to discuss ways of making programs safer, logic being that if more games and less copies were made, game companies would earn more and could drop prices a little, thereby making most people happy.

15th Apr 2003, 16:01

I only gonna say one thing about this.. games are NOT expensive. Game developpers work very long on games and I personally think that € 50 is a reasonable price for a game. In fact I think that games are cheap if you see what you get in return. *hides*

16th Apr 2003, 08:32
I don think they are expensive, but if they were dropped down in price a bit people would be more likely to buy them rather than download them or get a copy. If less games were being copied, developers would earn more, which would allow them to sell at a lower price. Also I like incentives that come with games, I bought Warcraft 3 mainly for the fact that it had a Orc warrior figurine, those things are things which you could never get with a copied game.

Dont get me wrong, Game developers do a lot with the resources they have, and dont get enough credit or respect for what they do.