View Full Version : Whats the main differences between demo and full version?

14th Apr 2003, 08:47
I have been searching throught the net for days trying to find the answers to this. I want to buy the full version, but I also want to know whether there are any new units that you can get in the full version. I couldnt find any sort of official list on the Praetorians game site.

If anyone can help me, it would be great, The lack of advertising from the game developers seems to be really bad, the official site has some nice historical facts, but thats about all.

I dont mean to diss the game developers, because the game demo i have played is better than brilliant, wiht the units and tactics resembling what they must have looked like 2000 years ago, and my only complaint with it is the lack of rotation in 3d, but the reason games like Warcraft 3 sell so well, is the advertising and online information is really really good. Not that many people seem to know about Praetorians, exept for more hardcore gamers.

Will probably just go buy the game anyway though! :D

14th Apr 2003, 09:32
I played the demo and liked it so I got the game - you will not be disappointed - there are many more units available. There are also Egyptians and Barbarians. Also, there are some nice varied levels, seige levels are fun. I am only about half way through but really enjoying it, so I recommend the full version.

I have to agree about the web content - it almost seems like the developers do not care, I am an extremely experienced gamer and cannot remember a game with such poor web content. The official pages are absolutely awful. I just hope some good English language fan-sites arrive soon. This game seems to have sold itself by the strength of the demo, the names Eidos and Pyro and a few magazine adverts.....

And again the 3d rotation would be nice like in Warcraft3, but tbh I don't really use it much in W3 anyway - so a minor point

14th Apr 2003, 09:38
I am going to go get it later today, I couldnt decide between American Conquest and it, but Praetorians does look like the stronger game.

About the rotation, I never use it that much as well, but that was the only "thing" that had been left out.

Fan sites are good, but usually if the official site is good, fan sites will mirror that and the quality on both will be brilliant. Is a bit sad to see sucha good game let down because of a lack of content on its website.

14th Apr 2003, 09:50
I could not agree more.. a game like this really needs a good community because there is so much strategy to discuss. I hope an expansion comes out with a map editor - as that would be wonderful for the community.

I have searched the web and all I can find are some german language sites which I can't understand :(

If anyone knows anywhere on the web please shout, I only have this forum and an IRC channel for Prateorians atm...

14th Apr 2003, 09:55
I saw in the forums a while back that there was talk of a fan site, what is happening about that, strategyplanet.com (http://www.strategyplanet.com) has a lot of fan sites devoted to various strategy games.

14th Apr 2003, 21:00
A good man named Rutam is currently building a fan site (in english). It has been under construction for about a month, and I've heard various tid bits about it being done and just needing a staff, or it is still being built....haven't heard back from Rutam and he hasn't posted so I'm not sure....

So until he does it or someone else steps up there is no english fan site.

And Spaceknight, the moderator, said a few weeks ago that Pyro has no plans for an editor or any addons.....

At the moment.....

14th Apr 2003, 21:03
OK guys the news is in.

There is going to be a patch out next week.

However, I am sorry to say I only know that it will be addressing network issues. I do not know what else there will be.

15th Apr 2003, 11:36
What Are the Other Units.
Does any body Know.????!!!!????.

15th Apr 2003, 19:51
Silvercue was referring strictly to new Egyptian and German units.
From what I can remember of the demo it had all the Roman units, except for Slingers (may be wrong on that point). The demo also had different stats for units than the real game.