View Full Version : wot is wrong with this game!

13th Apr 2003, 19:36
anyone know why all of the good features from this game had been blocked out from ts2, i loved 3 quaters of the characters, tomb level had been taken out! but then again, faster gamepaly, 1 or 2 better levels, better graphics and at least 50% more characters and they were so close to putting in the online feature! :p

15th Apr 2003, 16:47
Quarter is spelt with two r's

20th Apr 2003, 00:24
If they put in all the old stuff with all the new stuff then TS2 would be no more then an expansion disc. Its nice to have two games with the same feel and yet have different content.

22nd Apr 2003, 14:47
TS1 was good, but TS2 is a bizillion times better. And the Tomb level sucked ass anyways. If you like it so much, dont play TS2!:p