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13th Apr 2003, 17:54
Is it possible to kill your own units like you can in AOM, AOE etc?

A really weird bug has occured, if I build one more unit the game crashes on me : ( Apperently I've reached the max unit amount, but yet I can still build more men. But if I start to build one unit, POOF the game crashes on me.

And I can't attack the enemy either. If I do, the game crashes too, so I can't get the enemy to do it for me.

So is there a way to kill your own units?

13th Apr 2003, 18:55
I think a found a way, a malicious way ;)

Build a tower and garrison it with the units you want destroyed. Then send a battering ram in to destroy the tower, and it will not only destroy the tower, but the units inside :)

After I kill 2 groups of Aux infantry, I was able to build units again without the game crashing :) And I now can attack the enemy without the game crashing!

Whew! Thankfully the battering ram will attack towers, reguardless if they are enemy! Otherwise I would still be stuck. I tried ordering archers to attack, but they don't, nor do catapults, or any other unit! I even tried ordering a group of
infantry into the fields and tried to get the archers to burn the fields down, but they wouldn't. Only works with burning the enemy ;) Seems only battering rams work.

13th Apr 2003, 21:16
You can also position your troops between a ballista and the ballista's target...should slice through them rather well ;)

16th Apr 2003, 07:24
i like to hide them in grass and then burn the grass while forcing my troops to run through the flames. oh how nice it is to have loyal troops:D

24th Apr 2003, 22:07
I just break them up into small groups and send them to probe or decoy enemy troops.

They die in a useful way !