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13th Apr 2003, 10:28
Bought a new book today called THE PUNIC WARS-its about Romes wars with Carthage-looks really good. I also found another book which looks incredible. Its called "Caesers Army"-it teaches you all about Roman millitary tactics and their weapons. I only browsed through it but on one page it had a clear description about the pilam etc. It was written in 1887-i while ago i know. But it was so interesting and easy to read, unlike books of that day.

I couldn't buy it though. As i didn't have enough $-but im going back next week to BUY it. Just thought i should let people know. Its hard to find decent books on millitary history-TACTICS mainly-especially roman stuff.

L.Cornelius Sulla
16th Apr 2003, 18:42
In regards to the Punic Wars:

P. Scipio Africanus was a major player in the wars against the Carthaginians (the Barca Bros). Do some research on the battle of Cannae, this was a beautiful strategy involving a two pronged attack on an enemy (I am pretty sure Hannibal used it). I attempt to use strategies from this war in SP skirmishes all the time. Another strategy is something that Scipio Africanus used in which you line up you front w/Legions, your flanks with Legions & Archers and then move the front line back and your reserves out to the flank, luring the enemy into a nice little trap. Difficult to do in this game, because of the automatic melee thing that the units do, but it works sometimes.

17th Apr 2003, 01:51
Im only up to the first first punic in the book-there were three. It tells you have the romans made an attack in to africa to defeat carthage but failed. By the way the biggest sea battle ever fought was when the romans were sailing down to africa. It involved hundreds and hundreds of ships.

Yeah about the pronged attack-that is called a pincer movement. I do that all the time i Preatorians. Also i have story to tell you about one of hannibles genious millitary strategies. He was fighting the romans in the open field. His infantry were fighting, but the cavalry were off chasing enemies away. Hannibles infantry made a U shape and forced the roman infantry in to the U. When the romans were in the U the cavalry came back and closed the U. Then the romans were hacked to death. LOL-just thought id share it.

17th Apr 2003, 05:58
That was indeed a great battle.

Hannibal's strategy was incredible. He had just crossed the alps, and had lost a large number of men to exposure and such on the way, and then encountered a large Roman force in Northern italy (around there), which was almost twice the size of his army.

Drawing the Romans to the center of his army, only to encircle them, made Hannibal a general far ahead of his time.

17th Apr 2003, 12:05
Ive been trying to find some sites with info on ancient military tactics-anybody know of any. Im mainly interested in roman stuff. I cant wait till next week as im buying a novel on roman military tactics, called CAESARS ARMY. That should be very helpfull.