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13th Apr 2003, 10:21
I cant beleive how good the siege weapons are in Praetorians. They not only have a crew loading and firing the siege weapon-but they are soooooooo effective against units and buildings. The catapalt is very useful against infantry. They are very slow to load-but really realistic which is what i like. In games like age of empires 2, and warcraft 3-the siege weapons fire by themeselves-what is that?

I used to not worry about siege weapons-thought they were crap-now i take one on every assault of the enemy. They really help out the infantry by pelting the enemy hard. I take about 3 siege weapons on every fight.

16th Apr 2003, 07:14

19th Apr 2003, 16:27
I once scolded at the fu<king ES to change the siege weapon design coz no machine was able to auto fire and auto move before 20th century. Those auto catapults are plain stupid. AOM sucks.