View Full Version : Running FF7 on higher resolutions

13th Apr 2003, 00:27
Hi, i was wondering wether there was a patch or program that allowed FF7 to run in higher resolutions? its just that ive seen some of the backgrounds and stuff extracted, and have watched the movies in windows media player, and they look perfectly un-pixelated even in 1024x768, the annoying thing is though in-game everything looks pixelated because of the low resolution.

hope some1 can help me

14th Apr 2003, 13:18
About the avi file issue, my opinion is as same as yours. Maybe you can try to use tvout to play the game, and it will be better ;)

With detonator43.45(win9x)+ riva tuner, I can set my gf3ti200 to 6xS or 8xS antialiasing mode to play ff7pc, and it works great.

14th Apr 2003, 18:42
Hmm, is that a setting unique to the GF3? I've been running at the lowest resolution (the darn thing refused to run at higher resolution) and I'm not really a tweaking guru here :)

I'm using a GF2MX200, btw.

15th Apr 2003, 09:20
Maybe you should try to download official TNTpatch for ff7pc, and use new ff7config.exe in the patch to set the game.

If you use winxp, it is also necessary to download unofficial patch. The unofficial patch has solved AA problems.

For win98se, because there is no patch for it, it is necessary to download rivatuner to adjust D3D option, turn on multisample masking, disable anisotropy filtering, and set AA to 6xS or above. Fortunately, if you use Detonator 43.45, the only thing you have to do is to adjust your AA mode. And I guess fsaa4x is ok with your gf2mx. In fact, stability issue was really a hard task for gf3ti200 to run ff7pc under 4xS mode or above. But Detonator 43.45 has solved the stability issue.