View Full Version : Rome:total War-

12th Apr 2003, 02:49
WOW-i just found out about this game-i took one look at the screenshots and was in awe-does anyone know if this game will be good or not and when its ment to come out.

12th Apr 2003, 04:06
I think it's due out late this year. It looks really impressive.

12th Apr 2003, 05:25
man. if my computer can run that... heh id never leave.

12th Apr 2003, 08:58
I heard it was due out in Q4 2003, But It look really sweet with a totally New Game engine.:D

12th Apr 2003, 10:31
Yeah i have a P3 866Mhz, Nvidia TNT2 video card-im definetely gonna need a new PC for that game. I reckon a P4 with a Geforce4 card. But hek that game is worth it by the looks of things. My only question is how do you control troops-looks really difficult to control.

12th Apr 2003, 23:45
If its anything like the other Total War games, it should be incredible.

13th Apr 2003, 03:57
it looks quite impressing. all those huges battles, everything :)

in one pic grass looks very odd....like in doom games ;)